Meatless Monday-Raw Cranberry Lemon Slices

You all know I have a sweet tooth.

I’m a self-avowed sugar addict, currently in recovery. 

How do I know?  I know!  The primary reason I call myself a sugar addicts is because I have a compulsion to connect feelings and foods–sugary foods. 

Confession:  I “sometimes” use food to help me feel better.

I know, I know, bad stuff.

It’s this propensity to connect food and feelings that makes me believe I will always be in the midst of some phase of recovery work.  Just who I am.

Anyway, today I’m going to use my Meatless Monday blog spot to share a post I found over at Reflux Girl NZ, re: raw cranberry lemon slices.  Like RG, I’m label myself a Flexitarian, meaning the majority of my food intake comes from raw, whole, unprocessed foods, with the exception of ice cream, which is my kryptonite and go-to snack item.  I do not make ice cream from scratch.

000cranberryRaw Cranberry Lemon Slices.

Yum–I love cranberries!  Enjoy, everyone.

Thank you, Reflux Girl!

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