Spring Cleaning and our Big Sale!

The first weekend in May my church will host their annual benevolence rummage sale. Its a huge sale that brings in tons of folks from outlying areas, as well as those in close community to the church.

This sale is a great event, the best part being that 100% of all monies earned during the sale’s two-day run goes back out into the community in the form of charitable donations to struggling individuals. 

I love being a part of a work that has this kinda return attached to it. No big wigs or VIPS will be sucking up commissions after this event.  All workers are volunteers and all those who are helped by the sale are really in need.  This event is fueled by grass roots passion all the way, and I LOVE it, even though I am definitely not your average rummage sale lovin’ gal.

It’s this time of year when my mind turns to moving stuff out and thinning the fat that has been stored all winter, both literally and metaphorically.  Its in the spring that those in my family take a hard look at what they have and decide to re-purpose anything we’ve been storing that is too big, too small, not quite right, gently worn, never worn, unused, or worthy of re-gifting.

The church sale is the perfect place to make a difference with our abundance.

And the sale happens at the perfect time of year, when everyone is thinking “spring cleaning”.

As I’ve been thinking about the sale, I’ve also been ruminating on those things in my life that need pitching.  You know what I mean–attitudes, behaviors, habits and rationalizations that get in the way of a clean recovery from food addiction.  I thought it might be fun to make a list of those things I’m cleaning out of my head and life this spring, in order to move forward in my recovery.

I’ll be blogging about this more tomorrow.  Hope ya’ll come back then.

Oh, and by the way, I came across this graphic on pinterest the other day and saved it for posting later.  I love this, and wondered if one of my readers from the south could comment on the accuracy of this sign.

Is this true southern grammar?

Is this true southern grammar?

What are you getting rid of this spring?  When do you do your spring cleaning and what does that involve?