I have decided…Weight loss tips

When you begin to venture into the weight loss arena, particularly long-term weight loss, you have to make a few decisions.

You have to set up some boundaries.

You may have to realign relationships.

You have to do some self-examination.

You have to be decisive!

When I first began my journey to health, it was with the tiniest bit of determination.  I really only began as a support for a family member who wanted to lose weight. I had given up that fight long before, and worst of all, I blamed my overweight on God. After all, if He wanted me thin, I’d be thin, right?

That seriously was my reasoning about issues of weight.

I was a long ways down the river of denial at that time, and if it had not been for that family member and the program I belong to these many years later, I never would have lost 100 lbs. Never!  Like I said, I had already resigned myself to being overweight and sick for the rest of my life.

What I needed was a change.

I needed to decide that I wasn’t giving up on me.

I needed to make some decisions and stick to them.

What did I decide? Just this:

I would no longer eat three helpings of food at every meal.

I would no longer clean my plate in obedience to some weird concept of world hunger.  I was eating for three or four people, but how was that helping any one?

I would no longer listen to the advice of people who yoyo’d or talked a lot about weight, but didn’t lose weight.

I would try each day to define for myself what “normal” meant with regards to eating.

There were other decisions that I made along the way to losing 100 lbs, but these were what got me started in the process.

Today, if you’re trying again to lose weight, whether a little or a lot, make up your mind that you are going to have to make some decision and stick to them in order to be successful.  Find some folks who will support you in those decisions and make a hard copy of what you have decided.  That hard copy will become a map to the treasure you seek, and you’ll add to it almost daily in the beginning.

Refusing to make a decision while trying to lose weight is like doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different conclusion.

Insane!  It won’t work.

If you’re like me and you suffer with an indecisive nature, I would make a suggestion I think will help you a lot. Ask God to reveal to you the name of one person you can ask for help along the way. One person who you respect because of their ability to be decisive. One person who has shown you by their behavior that they know when and how to make a course correction.  Then go to that person and ask them to teach you what you need to know to do “this thing”.

A huge part of changing anything about one’s self is the development of a teachable spirit.  A good mentor and a teachable spirit will get you farther than you ever thought it might.  It did me!

Don’t delay, make that decision today!

Who has helped you most in your efforts to lose weight and get healthy?  What one thing did your weight loss mentor share with you that you still use as you move closer to goal?


2 thoughts on “I have decided…Weight loss tips

  1. The only people I know who need to lose 100+ pounds don’t want to. They want to be able to eat whatever and whenever they want. They believe that they are fat and that;s the way it is. They have had multiple morbidities and live with them. If I was to tell them that they needed to lose weight they would turn on me.

    • I totally get what you’re saying about the lack of hope in those who have more than 100lbs to lose. It seems an insurmountable challenge before we make the hard decision to change. No one really wants to remain morbidly obese, but after many years of being caught in sickness we lose hope that it can or will ever change for us. Food addiction is powerful and all encompassing until one makes a decision to turn away from the acting/thinking/believing that is obesity. Most important: We have to want it for ourselves!!!

      It’s hard loving someone on a destructive path, no matter how that path is defined. So glad you continue to be in fellowship with them!! Keep loving, keep living recovery for them until they can do it for themselves. We need an example–someone to believe in, until we can believe in US!!

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