Leaving Easter Behind


Easter weekend at our house was busy, busy!  We didn’t get to church on Sunday and that was a bummer, but we did do lots of fun things over the holiday.  Most important, we were together!  That was our best Easter gift.  That, and the Savior’s love.

I wanted to write about some of the highlights of our Easter weekend in NEPA, but was too sick to do so yesterday.  More on that later…

We began our holiday weekend when the kids came Thursday. This was a joy and a problem, because I wasn’t working on Friday and had hoped against hope to do laundry and finish up shopping and cleaning before they got to the house.  Nope.  I have to admit to being a bit curmudgeony that first day they were at home.  I hate it when my loosely knit plans become totally unraveled.

Can I get an “amen” to that?

Other highlights of our weekend were these…

–A Friday night get together with extended family from out of town.

–An Easter Egg hunt in the most ridiculous freezing weather Saturday–but hey, the kiddos didn’t seem to mind it.  Many places saw snow. We, thankfully, did not.

–A house tour and pizza party after the Egg Hunt.  I brought salad and apples, and they were delish. The apples, I mean. Really, really good!  I just love a crisp and juicy apple.

–Easter dinner was eaten on Saturday night. The kids had to leave on Sunday after church (which we never got to attend), so we decided to do lunch for supper the night before and then have left overs Sunday afternoon.  This part of the plan was a big fail.  There were no leftovers, and half of us ate nothing of substance on Sunday.  😦

Up to this point, all was well.

–Gaming with family Saturday night was so. much. fun!


Saturday night, several family members spent precious sleep time retching.  Yep, we got it–the dreaded stomach flu!  As of this writing, two members of the family are still laid low by this awful sickness.  This is day 4 of the nausea, weakness, and vomiting for those unlucky ones.  It all started with a cousin who got sick after the Easter Egg Hunt and during the pizza/salad/apple party.  He, as you may imagine, did not join us in the pizza party, nor did he eat any of the yummy apples.

Sunday morning we spent watching cartoons, making numerous trips to the bathroom, and putting cold compresses on aching and queasy heads.  Then the trip to Rochester began for the kiddos.

I spent Sunday afternoon with a bucket of soapy water and Clorox scouring every inch of the bathroom and all the door knobs and light switches in the house.  Yesterday I went home early from work with a wonky tummy, and today I’m still not 100%, but if this is all I get I will be thanking God for it.  Others were not so lucky.

That was Easter weekend, 2015, for us.

How was your Easter?  What was the best part of the holiday for you?