Restoring the Big Green Girl


I Started the repair on the Big Green Girl last weekend. As you can tell, she needs a redo pretty badly.


Seat is all torn up.  Still, the cat loves lying here when a throw is used to cover her bare spots.  I’m not entirely sure how the seat on this chair got this bad, but I “think” the springs underneath poked through the sponge padding and someone got a bum full of ouch.


I’ve never reupholstered a chair before, but my mom has. She used to do this work for a living, and has agreed to help me out on this project.  We started by ripping off the bottom, to get a good look at the springs.


They were in there, but it took some doing getting to them.  We cut them free of their moorings, but not before we took pictures to help us reassemble the chair when the time came.


All the springs were in good condition, so no need to buy new. Yay!

A lot of junk came out of the bottom of that chair, including a hundred tacks and lots of straw packing materials.  I wonder when this chair was upholstered last. Wish I knew.  I think this green velvet monster came to us by way of my grandmother, but I can’t be sure. Mom didn’t know either.


Doesn’t that look gross?  Pretty dirty work, but I’m excited to get on with it.  I love this chair and it has served us well for years.  I even like the green velvet, but we will be switching to something less regal for the new covering.  I’ll share more about this project in the future.  Right now we have to get past Easter with company in the house.  It’s gonna be so much fun!!!

Have you ever brought a piece of furniture back to life?  How did you feel after restoring it?


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  1. It doesn’t look gross but funny. Hope you’re having a great time restoring her and later sitting on her again 🙂 Happy Easter!

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