This Weekend

I’ve waited all week for tonight’s girl’s night out with my sister.  We’re going to see Angel Street, at the Cider Mill Playhouse000Angel St

I’ve not been to the Cider Mill for a production before, so I’m excited to go tonight.  As I understand it, this play is spun-off from the 1944 film, Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman.  I never saw the movie, so the mystery will remain intact as the curtain rises for this gal tonight.  I’m so excited!!

On Saturday, I’m hoping to disassemble a chair I have at home.  My mom has said that she will work with me to reupholster the chair.  She used to reupholster furniture for a living, years ago, but doesn’t have the upper body strength to do it these days. She had breast cancer at 53 and a radical mastectomy that took with the breast tissue lots of muscle and all her lymph nodes on her right side.  Since then, her strength has been greatly diminished in that arm.  She still has the know-how to get the job done, though, so me and hubs will be here strength, while she plays project manager. This should be fun, since I know nothing about upholstering furniture and I cannot sew.  Lucky for me, though, this project doesn’t require sewing.  It will need new springs.


Should be fun. I will share pictures as I have them available.

My frame on my chair looks something like this, but not exactly the same:


After the chair is done, I’m hoping to paint some of my living room furniture.  I have a house full of hand-me-downs and antiques that I never wanted to touch because I feared they might lose their value on the antiques market.  Pish posh is my response to that concept these days.  I have a few things in the house that I won’t touch, like hubs antique chest that inherited from a special uncle, but most of my stuff isn’t anything anyone would care about anyway.  The painted items are getting a new look as soon as I am able to open the windows and allow for some cross ventilation.  Until then, I sit and dream about what I will do with those pieces slated for a re-do.

I have a few other projects planned for the spring that mostly required outside work.  I think we are set to plant a few more trees this year, along with some berry bushes.  It would be nice to have blueberries in the yard that we could go out and pick for breakfast each day.  My mom loves blackberries, so we will probably plant some of them too.  We tried blackberries last year and they didn’t take, so this year we will try a different spot.  It’s hard to know where to buy the bushes so that we will get the best chance of fruit next year.

What spring and summer projects are you planning for around your house?  Have you ever upholstered your own furniture?