Eating Out

Ugh!  Can I start a post with frustration?

Last night I met a friend for what was to be coffee, but turned into dinner. A horrible dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, the company was great, but the food was lousy.  Lousy and salty, and cold when it should have been warm/hot.  That meal was sooo frustrating,and full of calories I don’t need.

I’m learning from these experiences with eating out, but I will admit that my education is slow going.  Or should I say slow coming?

I need to develop a strategy for these times when I get together with friends and those “get-togethers” include food.  I’m seriously considering packing a sandwich and eating it at the table while my friend orders an entrée, but is that rude?  Will the eatery allow it?  They should, after the food they served me last night.  Who cooked that?  Certainly not the cook.

Seriously, I’m ready to go full on rebel on this eating out stuff.

What do you do when you have to eat out?  Does your restaurant meal always turn out to be a salad?

2 thoughts on “Eating Out

  1. Well, I warned you about this. It might help you if you told the restaurant how you want your meals prepared and learn to modify your orders. They want to please you. be firm!

    Try this, lol! “I would like that dry grilled, with no sugar, salt or oil of any kind on the fish before or after cooking. I would like a plain baked potato with that with nothing on it, though you can bring the toppings on the side. For the house salad, please, no cheese, croutons, bacon, or any meat product, and the dressing on the side also. If there is an order of vegetables with this, please, I would like them steamed with no salt, oil or butter, just plain, thank you! Also I’d like a spoon (a knife and fork were already on the table) so I can dip it into the fresh spring water you will provide and dilute the salad dressing and other condiments on the table to a more reasonable calorie count for the more normal amount I will choose to use.

    • I am definitely going to do better in the future. Sick of cold food that should be hot, nasty dressings that are tasteless, and portions big enough for two, but to what end when it tastes bad?

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