Be Encouraged!

Sometimes on the way to our goal, we slip, fall, trip, get tossed around, receive a few bruises, and experience some bumps and dings, but that’s okay.  Just because we fall down doesn’t mean we won’t get back up again.

We will!


We may need some beagle stickers to bind our wounds or encourage our spirits, but that’s okay.  Beagle stickers are easy to come by, and so adorable.

Here’s the thing:  When we regain our composure after a fall, when we find renewed determination to meet that goal, our ability to grab that brass ring and have that life we have envisioned for ourselves will be realized.  All we really need to do is keep on, keeping on.

One day at a time.

One goal at a time.

Broken up into baby steps.

With friends to cheer us on.

And a plan in place.

We WILL get there!

We will overcome!!!!

What goal are you reaching for these days?  Are you encouraged, or frustrated as you work to achieve it? What one thing can you add to your plan today that will help you in pursuit of that goal?  When will you begin again?