Meatless Monday-Vegetable Paella

A few years back I became a Flexitarian–a gal who eats meat, but makes sure the bulk of her diet is about veggies.  I love the crunch, the color, the sweetness and the variety our gardens provide.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my grains, too, and I eat fruit, but because I aim to be the incredible shrinking woman, I eat lots and lots of veggies.

Some of my favorite recipes include roasted root vegetables.  Roasted veggies find their way to my dinner table over and over again during the winter months.  I love roasted potatoes, roasted carrots, roasted turnips, roasted parsnips, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower (a favorite of favorites), and roasted brussels sprouts.  Really, I love almost anything roasted, and that certainly includes squash of all varieties and sweet corn, on the cob.  Everything’s better when its caramelized.  🙂

Loving roasted veggies as I do, I also like veggies done in other ways, like the simmering method that goes into a good veggie paella.  Not only does paella look fantastic when it’s assembled, but it smells out of this world while cooking and it contains the grains I love in combination with the veggies. A win / win for this gal.

Veggie Paella:  doesn't that look incredible?

On this Meatless Monday, I’m going to suggest you hop on over to Forks Over Knives and download their recently published recipe for Vegetable Paella.

You can use just about any veggies you have in the frig to make your own paella dish, but whatever you do, be creative and eat the rainbow.  Lots of color is the key to a beautiful paella in my opinion, and if you make it big you can eat on it all week.  Yum!

For those of you who love your protein, add a lil pre-cooked sausage to your dish at the end of its cooking time, or you could grate some fresh cheddar or gruyere and add it to the paella once its done.  Fantastico!!!  With or without meat or cheese, this dish is delish!!!  Enjoy!

How many veggies do you eat each day?  How can you increase that number?  What is your favorite way to “eat the rainbow”?


2 thoughts on “Meatless Monday-Vegetable Paella

  1. The first time I had homemade Paella was during my residency. It tasted great, but I got the worst case of food poisoning ever!! It took three days for me to stand up straight again! I’m sure you won’t have that “thrill” that I did! Ours wasn’t veggi.

    • Ohhhh nooooooo! Yikes! That sounds awful. A friend had E. coli last year from eating unwashed salad greens, and she was in the same condition. Down for the count, but thankfully not out out. I hope your subsequent tastings with paella have been markedly better!

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