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Its easy to get complacent when you’ve been working at losing weight for a long time. In fact, most people do get complacent before losing steam.  They go hard for a long time, then lose hope and finally give up, because the truth is that its hard to keep doing this day after day when your body wants to reset to your pre-change defaults ALL.THE.TIME.  Before long the weight begins creeping up the scale, with the end result being a weight gain that results in even more girth being added to our frames than we had when we started.  That sucks, but its how it goes for many who try to get control of their out-of-control eating.

Maintaining a weight loss is hard, and I would never say differently, but we must try.

We must try to lose the weight we need to lose.

We must try to stay on-course and maintain focus.

We must try to avoid those two adversaries of weight loss success: The Comfort Zone and Complacency.

The folks over at Calorie Lab talked about these two on their blog recently. I encourage you to head over there and consider what Dr. J had to say.

Living in NEPA this winter has not been a big help with the fight against either The Comfort Zone or Complacency for this gal.  Unless you ski, and I don’t ski, there are lots of reasons to avoid going outside in my neck of the woods during January and February any time, but this year has been particularly brutal.  Gale force, ice-tipped winds blow through the trees on our property.  Icy hillsides (read: front yards), also make it hard to get around.  Finally, there is that all-too-welcome warmth that comes off a corn bag and beckons one to crawl under the covers with a good book or a favorite magazine. And let’s not forget the DVDs that came as gifts at Christmas.  Distractions…distractions, but can I really let a sub-zero night go by without watching another episode of Longmire?  I think not.  The hills of Wyoming chasten me as I watch and they whisper, “This? This is nothing. You should be here!”

Oh, how mocking the Rockies can be.

While the winds have been blowing and water pipes have been freezing, I have been going through old photo albums.  I’ve come across a few pictures that have served as motivation to break through my own complacency.  The pictures have provided perspective. They’ve also given me new hope, and they’ve challenge me to do more with my recovery than I’ve been doing for the last two months.  Additionally, NEPA saw the thermometer reach 43 degrees yesterday.  Woohoo!  We are all overjoyed at that turn of events.

Since today is Tuesday, and the plan for the blog for 2015 is to share a photo on Tuesday or Wednesday, I thought I would share a picture from the past again this week, comparing my 1990 self with my 2014 self.

1990 and 2014 Comparison

1990 and 2014 Comparison

Wow.  What a difference!

All I can say is, “Thank you, Lord, for podiums!”

When you look back at your old photos, do you cringe, even a little?  What is the most significant change you’ve consciously made in the last ten years and how has it helped you be better?


2 thoughts on “Old Photos

  1. Thanks so much for linking my column, Lori!!

    Did you know I went to med school in Philadelphia? I had to deal with a few of those winters!

    I hope you focus on the strides you’ve made rather than what you were. I think all of us have to go through what we did to become the person that we are! It’s all part of the bigger plan 🙂

    • I think I remember you schooling in PA. My sons went to school in Phili, too.

      I agree about that bigger plan. I also agree with this statment by Maya Angelo:‘I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.’

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