I found these twin sisters at the Elmira chapter of the VOA, Volunteers of America.  I told you about me recent shopping excursion there and the lamp I bought for $5, right?  We went and got another for my BIL, who recently moved.  He loved his new lamp, but his doesn’t have the three-way switch like mine does.  Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!


Both of these gems are Pyrex and cherry red–my favorite color. Made in the USA. Hoorah!!!


Aren’t they sweet?!  A lil worn and dings here and there, but I think that makes them more charming, not less.


These were just $3 for the set.  Score!  One I am using for a butter dish, and the other is in reserve. Not sure how she will be put into service yet, but I’ll find a use for her.  I always do.

The table runner these beauties are sitting on was purchased at the craft fair at Appleridge Senior Living. My gal, Connie, works there.  She invited me to the craft fair, and this year I scored big time.  At this year’s event I bought the mini table runner, a second table runner I gifted to someone at Christmas, and two necklaces (one for me, one I gifted to another).  All quality items.

Funny note about the holly table runner; it has my name spelled out in the scroll work.  You can’t see it in these pictures, but its true. Cool addition to my dining room, but one I’ll have to soon put away.  Holly in summer–ridiculous!

Do you rummage sale much, or shop at places like VOA?  What has been your greatest find when you’ve gone on the hunt with nothing particular in mind?


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