Beets. Dirty, Dirty Beets!

It’s Meatless Monday again, and I’m here to share a recent experiment with you. A meat-free experiment in cooking.

Last Tuesday I tried a new recipe for harvard beets.

I love beets, but I rarely buy them raw.  I did last week (or was it the week before)? Regardless, I needed to use them up before they went bad.  The recipe for the harvard sauce was easy to make and left me wondering why I hadn’t tried homemade harvard beets before now.  They are so pretty and so good for you.

Tons of fiber in those ruby red spheres.

If you’ve ever cooked raw beets still on the greens, you know they are DIRTY!

Green Gloves to the rescue.


I got these gloves two years ago for Christmas. They work wonderfully to rub away dirt from raw produce.  I use them from time to time with dirty potatoes, but these beets were really soil soaked, so I got them out again the other night.


Note: These are labeled as veggie gloves, lest you forget they are for cleaning up dirty beets and not for making snow forts or castles in the sand.


The outside of these gloves (inside too), are nubby, with lil scrubbies in the fabric.  They are also porous, so the water goes in and the water comes out.  They did not stain when cleaning the beets, although you can see that the beets did bleed on them.  After I was done cleaning those dirty, dirty beets, I simply rinsed the gloves and left them on the sink to dry.


I love my veggie gloves. They make cleaning dirty vegetables a quick and easy process.  I recommend them to anyone who wants to clean up their dirty beets.

Disclaimer:  These gloves will not work to clean potatoes growing behind lil boys ears.

Just sos you knows.  😉

To make my harvard sauce, I did the following:

First, put your beets on to boil. I cut up three raw beets for my dish, cuz it was just me and hubs eating them and we had veggie stuffed peppers to get through, too.  You can cook your beets like you would potatoes you boil on the range top, beets in the pan, water to cover, and a dash of salt if you like.

In a second pan, combine 1/2 cup sugar, 1/8 cup vinegar, 1/8 cup water (I filled a quarter cup measure half way with vinegar and the rest of the way with water, cuz I don’t have a 1/8th cup measure), and finally, 1T Cornstarch.  Once the sauce is done cooking you can add butter to finish, if desired (maybe 1 T, maybe less or more, I didn’t add any).  Heat beet sauce to boiling (say that 3x fast), but just until it begins to thicken. Remove from heat and let beets continue to boil on their own in separate pan until done.  Beets take 15-20 min of boiling to get tender enough to eat.  When beets are done boiling, drain them, then add them to pan with harvard sauce.  Mix and you’re done.

Beets, anyone?

Note:  Do not drain the beets too long, you want a few drops of hot juice to mingle with the harvard sauce, making it thin a bit, which I found good.  Also, I used raw sugar, instead of white, and I used cider vinegar instead of white vinegar.  Gotta keep it healthy, right? Finally, I used non-GMO cornstarch, which I recommend to you.  Why put genetically modified corn in your body is you don’t have to, I ask?  No reason, whatsoever, you reply.  Good, then we have that settled. Use non-GMO cornstarch for all your cornstarchy needs.

If you like your beets a lil sweeter, you can add more sugar, but in my opinion it is unnecessary. I’m a sugar addict and even for me these beets were plenty sweet.

Enjoy your beets.  Eat the rainbow, everyday!

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