Checking out my reflection


Every day, I get on that scale and intellectually accept the number I see reflected back at me.  I weigh this today.

Every day, I record that number on a board I have hanging in my bath room.

Every day, I choose to eat a breakfast that I hope will fuel my body and provide the right amount of calories, nutrients, and fiber to keep me going another day.

Every day, I try to do a little better at taking care of myself than I did the day before.

Every day, I seek joy in the journey.

Every day, I hope for success.

Every day, I show up, stand up, make an attempt.

How is my self-care?

I get distracted easily.

I am affected by community.

I believe it takes a village, but sometimes I listen to the village voices with greater scrutiny than the Voice within.

I am a reflection on the water, a reflection of the village, a reflection of my desires…a reflection of my choices.

I am.


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