Color Hound

I’ve recently discovered that I’m a color hound.

I love color. The brighter, the better. This is true of my house, as well as the art on my walls, and the food on my plate. I try to eat the rainbow every day. Some days I am more successful than others, but these days there is nothing that aggrevates me more than seeing overweight kids with a plate full of white in front of them at the dinner table. My niece recently got out a loaf of wonder bread and dipped slice after slice in some kind of flavored oil while I was visiting. Ugh! She did have a slice of salmon with the bread, but really, there was absolutely NO COLOR  and NO NUTRITIONAL value anywhere on that plate other than the fish.  So sad. She is 18 years old and about 100 lbs overweight.  What does the future hold for her?

I was her at eighteen, so I think I know.

I’m veering off course now, though, so back to my original intent for this post.  I wanted to share some examples of color around my house.  I’m not sure I have shared photos of my living room before, but it shouts to all visitors who come in the front door, “This gal likes color!”  Three of the four walls in this room are painted Tropical Bloom.  It is a combination of pink and orange, and I love it.

Here is a picture of my floor lamp, Christmas decorations still in place, highlighting the contrast in color between one wall of the room, painted Tropical Bloom, and the white wall that remains un-colored because I can’t decide what to do with it. I’m working on that right now and have plans to plank it before I paint. The jury is still out on what color it will be when the wall is painted. Most of my friends with color and artistic sense say it should stay white.  I dunno…DSC_0438

I like how the contrast came out in this picture, for sure. Maybe I need to paint the white wall yellow or gold. Hubby would hate me for that–yellow is his least favorite color.  Really, I love this picture. Soooo soothing, don’t you think?

Here, we have a shot of the wall next to my front door, and then the door. Yep, Christmas wreath is still up.  I got that baby at Target a few years ago after the holiday had passed. Guess no one wanted to take the gaudy sucker home, but I snatched it up right quick.  Red is my favorite color, and this thing is red, red, RED, and sparkly.DSC_0442

The picture of the platypus was a gift, from Christmas two years back, I think. Maybe three.


The portrait shown below was done by the same son, Son No. 1, with pastels or colored pencils, I can’t tell which.  I hung it for the first time this year and could not believe how closely the colors he had chosen matched the paint on my fabulously colorful walls.  My kids are so talented.


That’s Aaron.  Isn’t he adorable? The bluest eyes you’ve ever seen on that one.  What a charmer.

Oh, here…I found a shot of the living room that I had in the photo archives.  It’s pretty dark, but you can see how bright the walls are in this room.  I’ve gone bold, if not so bright, in other rooms too.  DSC_0306See that green bench with the dog on it, by the TV?  That was my grams bench and everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY wants to sit on it when they come to visit. It’s a puky green color and it has tons of dings and dents, but it is comfortable, like an old shoe. We love that thing.  When I sit on it, or even look at it, I forever remember gramma and her famous spaghetti dinners.  She knew how to feed a crowd. Her sauce–to die for!

Here’s a shot of the dining room…DSC_0315

I guess the contrast of dark to light continues in this room too. Never noticed that before, but I like it!

I’m working on adding a lil country/cabin/cottage flare to our home on the hill.  I crave wainscoting. I grew up with it as a kid, and loved it!  I think I’m going to settle for planking though, but not in this room–in the bright living room, on that white wall.

Hi, I’m Lori and I’m an eclectic color hound.

What is your favorite color?  What do you like best about eating the rainbow?