Its NOT a Dog’s life, just a way of life

Hubs had to go to town for dog food yesterday. He called me from the store for help.

Let me explain two things before I go further:

1. Our house is at least fifteen minutes away from any signs of recognizable civilization depending on the “trail” you take.   So, when I say hubs had to go to town for dog food, what I really mean is that if folks in our neighborhood want to procure anything other than sticks, stones (which we have aplenty on our property), or farm implements, we all have to travel to get it.  Due to our Pupper’s delicate tummy, we have to travel 45 minutes one-way to get his dog meal.

I know, I know, the things we do for our pets…

2. There has got to be at least six types of dog food flavors associated with our brand of dog food, and at least ten different brands on the store shelves where we shop.  This translates into gratitude on my part that hubs would volunteer for this job, because it is serious work to figure out what to buy when you’re not standing in front of the displays, and/or even harder if you are doing the shopping, but your better half (who usually does this chore), isn’t there with you.

Poor guy, he had to call for help. What else could he do, get the wrong thing?!


Now that I have explained the scenario we are dealing with at our hill top nob home, I will share with you the real reason for my post today.

My dog has to have a special food devoid of grains to be healthy!

There it is!

If Pupper does not have this grain-free food he itches.  He has an allergy to grains, especially cheap grain and/or sub-par grains that often go into dog meal.  When the allergy kicks up, he itches enough to make us crazy and make him sick.  The itching develops into an infection, and soon his hair is being scraped off his back and he is left with unsightly bare spots that look like mange, but are not.  Thankfully, we learned about how these allergies work early in our mini-schnauzer keeping legacy, so that current pup, Pupper No. 3, has not ever had to get to the bare spot place with his allergies and sensitivities.

This is the brand of dog food our dog eats, his favorite flavor is Chicken and Rice

I mention all this today to say that different people have different needs, and to point out how important it has been for me to realize and factor that into my eating program as I’ve worked to get better.

Some foods make me feel great.  Others make me feel lousy. 

Oatmeal in the morning energizes me.

Coffee makes me jittery.

Bagels feed my appetite, but not my body.

Fruit makes me feel virtuous.

Ice cream makes me feel guilty.

Eating beans, I’m reminded of how remarkable is our digestive system.

Don’t tell me feelings and food aren’t closely connected. They are, for this gal!

What does all this mean–this quandary of feelings and foods, and allergies, and itching, and winning and losing, and figuring out all this stuff so that I can see the forest for the trees?

I guess its about me wanting to better understand how food affects my thinking everyday, and to tip my hat to all those out there that are dealing with serious food allergies and sensitivities, and especially those who share my food compulsions and are trying to shut them down however they can.

What I know:  It can be done.

It will take work.

It will take education.

It will take time.

It can be done!!!  Start today.  Trust God, and begin.  You can do it!