Water is my friend

Today, I’m back at the office after a weekend trip to Rochacha. We stopped at the store to pick up some “good eats” on our way home, knowing I wouldn’t have time to do that today. Mondays are my busy day of the week. After laying in supplies, we ate a quick supper with too many carbs and headed off to bed.

It felt good to sleep in my own digs last night.

I am always sleep deprived when I return from traveling. I don’t sleep well at home on a normal basis, but I really don’t sleep well on the road. Still, it was fun seeing the kiddos.

I always eat the wrong kind of foods when I am at the kids place.  Lots of carbs, too much sugar, not enough veggies.  They don’t have the same issues with food that I do, but I will tell you that I have learned over the last three years that they like their sugar.  Who doesn’t?  It’s like crack…Just like crack!

I gained 2 lbs while I was away.  Ugh!

Today, water is my best friend, and I’m watching what I eat.  Watching the sodium…watching the calories.  I will be eating lots of veggies today and tonight, and drinking, drinking, drinking water.

That’s all for now.

Happy Monday, everyone!