Man, its Cold. Burr….

Winter in NEPA can be brutal. This morning, it was 7 degrees above zero at my house when I began my 40 minute commute to work. Ugh. These are the days I could do without.

My car didn’t look quite this bad, but close…000buick with ice

Problem for me is that all this cold does a number on my bones and causes everything to ache.

I haven’t slept well the last couple of nights.

I toss.

I turn.

I reposition myself on the bed.

I prop myself up with one more pillow, then I throw it off.  Poor hubs!

Dinner last night was to be scalloped potatoes, but some of my ingredients had gone bad without me knowing.  The animals around our house on the hill love the winter time, because I throw them a ton of scraps.  They greedily eat them up.  Our fall back for supper was frozen pizza, which I almost never eat, but hubs loves.  I went salad heavy with nuts and seeds.  We had apple slices for desert.

I did 36 minutes on the bike last night, and it felt okay on the knee. I had to skip my routine for two nights this week because I went overboard on the weekend and my knee was screaming about it.  It felt better last night, and I did some exercises in the morning both days that I missed biking. Stretches and some band work to get my joints limber before heading out in this horrible chill.

Can’t wait for spring to settle in around here.  Burrr, its cold outside!


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