Magnesium–How important is it?

I’ve been hearing a lot about magnesium and how women of a certain age-ahem-can benefit by using this essential mineral supplement.  It seems most anyone could be deficient in magnesium and a lot of us are, without knowing we are. At least that’s what I hear.

When I started this blog I had recently found out my A1C was high and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I immediately went to work losing weight, eating better, and exercising and I have been able to control the disease without medications, so far.  Thank you, Lord.

Apparently, type II diabetes can make one magnesium deficient.  I guess it’s all that running to the ladies room that does it. Not sure that is my problem, cuz I don’t run a lot, but I run more than some.

Anyway, my post today is about the pondering I’ve done regarding magnesium deficiency and a magnesium lotion supplement I bought some time ago but never used.  Here’s my problem:  My natural food provider sold this product to me, but without telling me how I can tell when enough is enough.

How much of this stuff should I slather on in the morning? 

Is a dab enough?

Is a squirt too much?

There are no indicators on the bottle of what might happen if I overdose on magnesium. Is that even possible?

Do any of you have experience magnesium lotions or creams?  This is the type I’m using:


I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you get more magnesium into your system in safe ways.  I really don’t feel like I need one more supplement to take on a daily basis, but hey, if it will help, I’m up for it.

Please share your experience with magnesium supplements. I hear the pill form is a waste of money, but I certainly don’t know that.  In fact, I know very little about this subject, which is why I’m bringing it here.  Thanks for sharing!