Black Bean Fail-Part 2

When I posted about my black bean fail last week, I promised that I’d come back again today with a picture of the slurry I created when I mistakenly added black beans to a clear broth chicken soup. Here is that picture.DSC_0319

I couldn’t actually capture the true yuckiness of this broth color with my camera, but I think you can tell from this picture that it’s not the right shade of golden broth that should accompany and provide a back drop for a hearty and yummy chicken soup of the home-made variety.



I ask you, doesn’t that look gross?  Be honest; would you relish a heaping bowl of this???

Last night I tried again. This time I made hamburger soup that turned out lovely and brown and full of veggies. It was wonderful with a piece of asiago bagel, toasted and buttered.  The perfect comfort food for a cold night. That hamburg soup put a smile on this gal’s face.


That’s my new jacket.  I found it on sale this past weekend.  Unfortunately, it is a size or two too big, but they didn’t have anything small enough to fit better and the price was too good to pass up, so I grabbed it.  I was kinda regretting that decision on Sunday when it was feeling baggy and a lil bit frumpy, but hey, with the progress I’m making at losing weight right now (slow, slow, SLOW), I should be able to wear it through the winter without much trouble.  Don’t you love how it matches my cabinets and counter top in the kitchen?

5 thoughts on “Black Bean Fail-Part 2

  1. Well I know that presentation is half of it and, I do strive to make pretty meals, being an artist, but I would have been fine with what you made! (Except that I don’t eat chicken, but I’m fine with your eating it, it’s a personal choice)

  2. Lets say, it certainly does look … well … kinda different. Especially the 3rd picture somehow reminds me of worms. Sorry. But I get kinda grossed out by white stuff in my food, so I guess I have no vote here since the bean part doesn’t look too bad for me.

    But it’s good if you cooked something yummy the other night and I’m sure the jacket will be way too big in a while 😉

    • You are so kind, Hanni. Sooo kind. I can see now that it does look like it this soup has worms in it. Yuck!

      Thanks for commenting on the jacket. I had an orange cord jacket a few years ago, and I just loved it. It was that nice shade of burnt orange, you know? Loved that thing, and wore it ’til it was thread bare. This one is corduroy, too. It reminded me of my old friend. 🙂

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