Black Bean Fail

000blk beans

Sooo, last night I made homemade chicken soup and thought I would add some extra fiber with black beans.  I love soup on a cold night, and lately we have had our share of cold nights.  Chicken soup is comfort food, for sure, but with black beans added…

Big mistake!

The broth on the soup looked like sewer slop.

It tasted okay (a lil more beanie than I would have liked), but it look horrible.

Note to self: Do not use black beans in a clear broth scenario in the future.

Last night’s supper: Big FAIL

I hate that, because chicken soup from scratch is a time-consuming dish.

Now, what do I do with the leftovers????

4 thoughts on “Black Bean Fail

  1. Yeah, these experiments … always fun. Why don’t you add some cooked potatoes and put it all into a food processor. Usually, it’s quite good what turns out then.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Hanni. I’m not sure I want a sewer slop slurry smoothie to contend with, but maybe. It did taste fine, but looked horrid. I’ll have to take a picture tonight and share it on the blog Monday. You’ll see, it is really frightening. :/

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