Woe or Whoa? It’s All About Attitude

Woe is me? No way!

I’m not spending one more minute of my day worrying about what isn’t getting done in my life. Instead, I’m focused on partnering with Him and changing course once more.

This morning I stepped on the scale, recorded in my mind the fact that I was 2 lbs up from the day after Christmas, and said to myself, “I will not freak over this.”

As of 9:30am I have been able to keep that promise to myself.


Why the increase?

Because I ate bread three times yesterday.
Because I did too much time on the bike the night before and my knee wouldn’t allow a repeat last night, so I sat on my duff for several hours before going to bed.
Because stuff happens.
Because I’m having problems with portion control.

Because I’m still holding onto faulting operating system that are holding me back from where I want to go with this whole losing 50 more pounds thing I’m doing.

Whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Lori.  And let’s definitely not back up.

Reality:  It could be any or all of these things that has resulted in my body holding on to these few aggravating pounds.  Thing is, I decided before I got out of bed this morning that no matter what I weighed, I wasn’t going to let it bum me out.

I got better things to worry about.

Worry never solves anything in my life.  Action gets ‘er done!

So, for today:

My focus is on the unbelievable staying power of God in my life…

the fact that all of life has its ebbs and flows…

the truth that I can begin again any time I want, and that no one gets to decide that for me…

…and the reaffirmation that the world is full of wonderful, flavorful, vitamin-packed, and gorgeously presented foods that I love and can eat without a numbing calorie load attached.



Victory, here I come!!

The battle of the bulge continues, but I’m better prepared today. Right back up on that battle steed I go, lance in place, target located, and ready to charge.

Sloppy Joe, you’re goin’ down! And I don’t mean in a pie hole kinda way. 🙂

At a meeting I attended last night one of those around the table said: I just look at food and gain weight. I snickered because I feel that way sometimes, but I also had to shake my head, because I know that’s not really true. It’s just a way to shift blame. The truth is, success lies in choosing the right foods and eating them with gratitude in my heart for how strong, wise, and capable they are making me.

GRACE–its my motto for 2015, so today I’m forgiving myself for missing some cues yesterday, and maybe the day before. I see them now (thank you, God), and I will take note.

It’s time to begin again, my friends.  Who’s with me???!