Snow, Thanksgiving, and Food

As I’m writing this post, NEPA is getting pounded with our first snow storm of the season.

Woohoo!  It is gorgeous out there.

My only worry is that I’m still down in the lowlands this afternoon, and have to travel to the heights to get home.  Should be interesting.  Adding to the excitement of heavy snow and low temperatures is the fact that I’m driving a different car than last winter.  My Sweet Ride got too tired to carry the load of a full size chassis up those hills anymore, so I went looking and found a lesser ride for a honey of a price and bought her, then brought her home.  We will see how she performs on those hills as we try to get home after dark tonight.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and we have decided to spend it at home this year.  We invited my brother-in-law for dinner, but with this accumulation of snow, I doubt he’ll come.  I have actually scaled up on the amount of food I will be preparing this year, but because we are making our meal at home, I get to used my reduced calorie way of making our dishes.  That’s a good thing, because my body just cannot tolerate all the fat and sugar others include in favorites on their tables.  I’m hopeful being at home this year will help to make my body a little happier as we push ourselves up to the Thanksgiving Day table.  We will be celebrating the day and God’s incredible provision over our lives before we eat.  Praying a return of thanks for the many blessings I have received this year is easy to do.  I have been sooo blessed!

I decided not to make the cranberry sauce this year.  It is a favorite with me, but I didn’t want to use all that sugar and using sugar substitutes doesn’t appeal to me either, so I’m just going to skip it altogether. I’m the only one in the family who likes it anyway, so while I might be tempted to miss it, a little, I’ve made a conscious decision not to have it on the table.  I will use the berries I bought to make a cranberry bread that many like and enjoy, thereby sharing the bounty with others and reducing the calories and sugar load for me.

I also bought a tiny turkey–only 8lbs–so that we won’t have endless leftovers.  Just enough to make one casserole after the big day. That should work to satisfy our turkey cravings, if indeed anyone have them.

I wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving and hope that your table is filled with as much love and encouragement, as it is with yummy foods.  Have a great one, everyone, and remember, you matter!!!