Food History Helps


One of the reasons that I use a food journal is that I like to be able to look back at what I did in the past, what worked for me, and use that to plan for the future.

Lately, I’ve been scanning my journal entries and finding that there is not much there to help me formulate a future food plan. I wonder why I haven’t done a better job of journaling about my results with food choices and amounts?

Only God knows the answer to that question, but in frustration at not being able to pin point what worked and what didn’t in the past, I have devised a new plan.

Each morning I weigh myself, and record that number in my journal.

When I eat my breakfast, I record the calorie count for what I have eaten.

I record the date.

After lunch, I record what I ate and the calorie count.

After dinner, I do the same thing.

I’m hoping this helps with tracking in the future. We’ll see.