weekend food traps

000moesJust coming off an honesty weekend, where I tried to record everything that went in my pie hole. It was hard, because I ate out Saturday and went to a Harvest Dinner celebration on Sunday afternoon.  What I had seen as a bright spot in my weight loss efforts was quickly devoured in the lack of attention I gave to food over the weekend.

When will I learn?

I did learn something from the experience:  There are wayyyy more calories in fried nachos than I could have imagined.

We went to Moe’s on Saturday and I chose wisely from the menu. I got a salad with no rice, beans, fresh veggies and I did not eat the tortilla bowl it came in.  All great choices. Problem–I ate Moe’s nacho chips with salsa, forgetting they are fried in grease.


When everything was said and done those nachos cost me as much as my salad did, calorie wise.

Next time I will know better.  Lesson learned.  At least I avoided the queso.


One thought on “weekend food traps

  1. It’s not just learning what’s in what, cause there are always new traps out there. Why not know from touch, taste and smell what to avoid. Grease is easy to feel and taste. Or just touch it with a napkin and look. Restaurants are not going to help you without being asked.

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