Selfies and Travel


This is me, working on vacation. Actually, I was working to book a room for that night, after staying up too late searching the internet for a good rate on a nice room in the Lake George, NY area.  I found one not too far from Great Escape and the outlet malls.  We were at a spa and resort in NH when this was taken, and afterward left to Concord to meet up with some friends I have not seen in a few years.  We weren’t able to make the meeting, even though we made it to Concord.  A terrible storm blew in from the west, and hubs and I had no desire to travel rt. 4 through VT on our way back to NY when it was both dark and rainy.  We cancelled our plans as we sat in the parking lot of a DDs and lamented with our friends over the deluge of rain that kept coming, coming, coming down in sheets.  By this time the road surface was awash and one could barely see while traveling 70 mph on the highways around Concord.  Yikes, we made our apologies and headed west as fast as we could go, only to find that the roads in VT were wet but the rain had passed through already.  We were sad to have our plans change, but hey, change is what life is all about and we’d done what we thought we had to do to stay safe and sane.  Our dinner plans will happen another time. Maybe this spring.

DSC_1264Here is me, in the same room at Margate Resort near Laconia, NH, taking a weirdly posed selfie.  I’m not very practiced at this art, so to me it looks weird, but for some reason or other I wanted to document my image on our trip. Maybe reference for future post comparisons of body image.  We’ll see.


This one is a picture of hubs and me at the top of Prospect Mountain in Lake George.  This was taken as a reflection of ourselves in the Ford Flex back side window. That vehicle is LONG, but we enjoyed driving it on our travels.  The windows were tinted black, so the image came out pretty sharp.  Hubs is holding the blue bird I got as part of my grandma’s estate when she passed.  I carry it all over the place, taking pics with the lil guy.  It’s one way of keeping gramma close and remembering all those we wish were still here with us, but aren’t.  Someday I may start a blog called the Blue Bird Chronicles, but for now its just fun to take snap shots with the lil cutie.  Hubs loved getting in on the action.


Traveling with someone who you love is the BEST!  My hubs and me, we don’t get a lot of quality time alone, so when we go on vacation its extra special.  This was on the trail heading down from the Prospect Mt. State Park summit.  It was a gorgeous day and we met up with family who just happened to be in the area at the same time we were, so we all walked the trail together.  What fun.  Oh, you want proof?  Okay, here goes…

DSC_1504This picture reminds me how far I’ve come.  Lately, I’ve been waffling with my weight and up a few pounds from where I was.  I don’t know what I’m doing to make that happen, because one fault I have is that I don’t record my food like I should.  On the days when I step on the scale and nothing has happened, or it shows I’ve gone up a few tenths of a pound from last week I cringe and want to quit, and berate myself for not doing better.  Yep, I do. Not over that habit yet.  But looking at these pictures reminds me of what life was like when I weighed 100 lbs more than I now do.

I would never have gone to the summit of the park at my starting weight. I would NEVER, NEVER has hiked back down.  It’s not a long hike at all and the terrain is easy, but not when you weigh what I weighed.  At that weight, everything is harder, including getting outta a chair, standing in line at the check out, and most certainly hiking on a hillside.  Today, I don’t shy away from those activities like I once did.  I know I can do them now.  I didn’t know that before.

I believe in me now. I didn’t believe in me before.

I look forward to doing new things now. I never did before.

Before, all I wanted to do was eat.  All I thought about doing was eating.  Food was my life.

Over the last week I have once again been obsessed with food.  What I have done to deal with the obsession is begin again with my reporting of my food…

Begin again with writing on my blog.

Begin again with reading the blogs of successful and normal sized eaters.

Begin again to believe I can make a difference in my own life, if not another’s.

These are some of the things that I did that helped me lose 100 pounds.  I need to lose more.

Recently I’ve discovered that a willing heart and an open mind is all God needs to get me where I need to go, I believe THAT.  So today I’m believing and writing and reporting and letting go once again.  Can’t wait to go on my next hike.  We will see you soon, Vermont.  Hopefully, in the spring!