Falling Leaves–Summer Leaving


I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that summer is nearing an end.

I’m not glad because I hate summer, just the opposite is true.

I’m not glad because I enjoy winter, just the opposite is true.

I’m not grumbling because my heating bills are about to go up, or I will need to buy a new winter coat (although I am looking forward to that), or because the kids are going back to school.

I’m glad that summer is nearing her end because the picnics will stop.

I know there are some people reading this post who will say that you need to eat the same, picnic or no, invitation to someone’s back yard, or no, fancy receptions for summer weddings, or no.

I know.

But I am among those who find it really hard to pass up a piece of yummy wedding cake smothered with butter cream frosting when everyone around me is indulging. And eating before I go to these events doesn’t help much. It does help with the calorie load, but it doesn’t help with the cravings.

I will be glad to have the picnics, the receptions, the back yard BBQs and the summer fruit fests cease. At least for a while.

As fall approaches, I’m trying to detox, zone in on my plan of action, readjust my eating patterns, and get back to fresh, raw eating once again. When I eat raw and fresh:

My body aches less

My body works better

I sleep better

I feel better

I have more energy

I experience less hormonal shifts

I have hope for tomorrow

Food obsession is accursed and cravings are the worst, but I have to remember that I have a great cloud of witnesses that encircle me. From them, I am always able to gain strength and wisdom, whenever I am willing to look to them, listen to them, draw from them, and reach out to them.

You might be one of THEM!

If so, I thank you.

Thank you for being an example of determination.

Thank you for sharing your strength with me.

Thank you for continuing the fight against obesity on the blogosphere.

Thank you for commenting on this page.

Thank you for suggesting things I can try.

Thank you for telling me what you’re doing.

Thank you for pressing on.

You’re my inspiration many days.

Summer is nearing its end. I will be sad to put away the kayak (although we have a few more weeks left to enjoy her). I will be sad to see the leaves fall and the snows arrive, but hey, its only 6-8 months that she’ll be gone, right? The picnics, the wedding receptions, the back yard BBQs, and the other challenges to my eating plan will reappear. By then, though, I’ll be ready for summer, with new plans in place, new routines established, new exercises learned–maybe a few Tai Ji classes under my belt–and new attitudes firmly in place.

The circle of life can be daunting or refreshing, depending on how you process it, right?

I’m reaching for the positive bent as summer melts into fall. I’m also back to weighing every day and reporting my food, because that’s what works for me.

The Good News: I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet from early September to mid-October.  Bring on the pumpkins, the leaf piles, the fleece jackets, and the apple cider. I’m almost ready to embrace them all. Almost.

What do you like best about summer’s end, and autumn’s blossom?  What are you doing right now to squeeze every last ounce of summer outta her before she’s gone?