Kayaking, August Goals, and Herons

Yep, it happened to me.


I dumped my kayak in the lake and my dry body with it. Luckily I had four angels present to help me out when I did (and probably many more, unseen by human eyes).

Today, I’m thankful that:

The water was warm!
The night was gorgeous!
I had those others there to rescue me!
My sister-in-law loves me, no matter how clumsy I am.

I got to see a blue Heron perching in the top of a pine tree and calling out to nature. What an experience, I didn’t know they did that.


I’m also thankful that…

I didn’t drown.
I faced one of my lingering kayaking fears in a safe environment.
I witnessed God working through the patience and humor of others.

I was able to laugh at myself, and I know now that I don’t want an open kayak when I buy my own. Yes, I will be buying one soon.

Last night I was reminded what it means to trust God with my life.

I know my hubby loves me. He expressed his anxiety afterward, at looking across the lake seeing my boat was upside down and me nowhere to be found.

I had an experience I never would have had, had I not taken a chance and lived in the moment.

It was GREAT! I’m ready to go again!!!! 😀

In other news:
My weight is stable.
I keep dealing with the same three pounds.
I need to tweak my food plan.
I’m having guests over this weekend.
Work is going well.
I’m thinking about joining a Tai Ji group.
I never did bike ride this summer.
I’m less than enthusiastic about fall’s early arrival.
Hubs and I are planning a trip to NH and CT in September, if not before.
Life is good! God is great. Change is possible!!

I keep telling myself:  Keep showing up every day. Keep doing your research. Keep trusting in yourself. It WILL pay off in the end.

August Goals:
Kayak as much as possible.
Share my life with positive people.
Be grateful for my many blessings.
Work on a revised food plan.