Father’s Day Weekend & MRI Results

000birthay cakeWe had a birthday celebration for a three-year-old at my house this week. Twenty plus folks ate hot dogs and sloppy joes, macaroni salad, a fresh veggie platter and fruit kabobs. We had cake for dessert, but also more fruit and plenty of iced unsweetened tea and pink lemonade, the babe’s favorite. The party kinda eclipsed Father’s Day, so I’m thinking I will need to plan a do-over for Father’s Day for hubs this coming weekend. We’ll see how that plays out.

It was good to get everyone together for the day on Saturday, but I was deeply disappointed in the weather man who told us it was going to be sunny and warm when we woke up to cloudy and cold instead. Burrrr, it was seriously windy and cold up on that hill we call home in NEPA. Sunday was great, but Saturday, not so much.

We all found a spot in the house on Saturday, although even now I’m not sure how.  Our house is not that big, but when kids are around the floor works as good as a chair, so we did okay.  I told someone this morning that having twenty people loose in my house for the day, four of them being under age 6 and one not a year old yet, would have sent me into panic mode in my twenties. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed over the years. I tried to roll with the punches, talk to as many people as I could and make sure others had what they needed during the time we were together, and that was good enough. My problem area over the weekend, of course, was the sugar.

Usually, I make sure that I have plenty of sugar substitutes on hand for our weekends with the kiddos. We eat well when they are visiting and we eat raw most of the time, but special occasions call for special foods and macaroni salad was requested by some family members, so I made a big bowl. I don’t eat pasta these days, but I did have a dab of Mac Salad on Saturday. It’s not a binge food for me, so I thought it would be okay and it was.  I don’t fantasize about when I can get my next fix of pasta.  I choose not to eat it because it simply is not worth the calorie load it carries.  When I was finished eating the macaroni salad I didn’t feel like I wanted to go back for more, but the sugar was another matter. I did feel pulled to indulge in sugary foods during the party. I guess maybe that tendency will never completely disappear for me. I’m a sugar addict, and if I am going to slip or slide with my food plan, that is where it is going to happen—next to the cake or cookie tray.

Today, I am back on the clean eating wagon. I brought my pretty green water jug to work with me today (thanks, mom), and I’m drinking tons and tons of water in an attempt to flush my system. For lunch, I kept it raw and clean with some protein on the side. I will watch what I put in my mouth very carefully over the next few days and will be drinking lots of spring water. I’ll be trying to limit my coffee intake, and even the amount of tea I’m drinking. Clear and clean will be the path forward. I know this will help my body to adjust after a weekend of company, cake, and celebratory life.

The good news: I am not beating myself over this indulgent weekend with family. That’s HUGE, because the food police are severe and take all the fun out of life, and no one wants to live under their heavy heel. Me, included.

In other news: I got a call from my doctor’s office on Friday. He wants to refer me to a back surgeon after the MRI test results came in. I’m going slowly on this one—weighing my options regarding this recommendation. I don’t want surgery and if I can find a way around it, I will. I had the MRI done to determine how much exercise and what type I could do relatively safely, without injuring myself more. I’m investigating spinal decompression therapy, since it worked wonderfully for several family members and friends I know. If I can find a spinal center who offers this type of therapy through my insurance that is the route I will take. For now, I will research the physicians my doctor recommends and make an appointment to consult with one of them. What fun!

Did you have a good Father’s Day celebration with family and friends? Was food a problem for you on that day? What did you serve at your party that helped you steer away from the sugar or other food types that are problems for you?