June Goals

Summer time is a hectic time for me.  I get so caught up with life over here in NEPA that I have no time to write, and work has been busy. I’ve had multiple projects to attend to each week during May, and I’ve spent lots of money.  Yikes.

I wanted to record my June goals before we got too far into the month.  I’m hoping  to remember to do this every month going forward.   We’ll see how that turns out.

For today, I will share the list of goals I have for June 2014:

1. Do some deep cleaning at the house and in the yard, using a critical eye to see things that normally escape me. I may ask a friend to do a sweep and give feedback. So many things seem to be invisible to us when we live with them every day.


2. Paint the back bedroom. About five years ago we built a new home and that bedroom has never been painted to this day. See what I mean about things being invisible even though we live with them every day. It’s about time this room got it’s finish.   BTW: I will be painting my room light green, not blue. I will try to post pictures of it when it is finished.

3. Build a porch swing and some chairs. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I have never quite dared to begin the project. This month, I will begin. I also need to purchase new Adirondack chair cushion covers, but I have not found any patterns for fabric that I like. If you know of a colorful pattern that you think is fun, send the link to me, will you? I’m looking, looking, looking, and love poppies, tulips, and anything bright with red or orange overtones.

4. Plant some trees. A friend is going to be helping us position the trees, then hubs will dig the holes and in they will go. We need the shade in the yard and I’m sick of putting this project off.

5. Revisit my Action Plan regarding food.

6. Buy that kayak we have been talking about before the summer is gone.

I’m hoping I can tackle all six of these goals for June. Hold me accountable, won’t you? I want to get these things done.

What are your goals for June? What are you doing that is fun this summer? Do you could all activity as part of your action plan for losing weight?