Overweight and Obesity Rates Soar

000 obesity

Catching up on my reading today, I came across this report on NBC news on-line about obesity and overweight rates that have soared since 1980 figures were recorded.

The line that caught my attention explained that from 1980 to 2013 overweight and obesity rates soared 28% for adults and a whopping 47% in children.

Our current interactions with food are killing us, but we Americans are not the only ones suffering from this obesity phenomenon. I was surprised to learn the Chinese are in second place behind the USA when dealing with the problem of oversized humanity. What is the answer? For some it is gastric bypass. For others, diet pills and excessive exercise. For still others, controlled eating.

Please give this article your attention and if you have any thoughts after reading it, I would love to hear them.

Are you concerned with the staggering number of Americans who are obese at this time in history? What do you think could turn this problem around for many, especially our children?