Race Weekend

Still in pursuit of some good intel on foot racing, I attended another race this past weekend. This one was a fund-raiser for a pregnancy care center that has recently opened in our area. They are offering free pregnancy testing to women and limited free first trimester ultrasounds.  The money raised will help to keep the doors open for the care centers and fund the ultrasound project, so that women in our area can make informed decisions about their pregnancies.  I’m a big fan of women’s education, so I’m a fan of the EMPCC.

The race on Saturday was the first event of this kind for the Endless Mountains Pregnancy Care Center and it drew 218 participants. Not bad for a first time race.  The course for the run was a well-established city route, which helped a lot, and the race organizers offered a stroller walk and Fun Run for the children 9 and under, which also helped with attendance. There was a silent auction, a bake sale, and a chicken BBQ dinner available for sale after the event.  A local DJ offered his services free of charge, and even the weatherman worked in the races favor. It was much cooler this past Saturday than two weeks ago, when it was warm for the observers of the Gallop, not to mention the runners. Too warm!

I thought I would share a few pics from the weekend event with my blog readers today.  This race reminded me that organization and passion working together can get ‘er done.  I’m a pretty organized gal and I’m passionate about health and getting fit, so these principles are what I’m applying to my weight loss efforts these days.  I’m also continuing to plan for a race in the fall.  Will keep you updated on that.



Nice banner. reusable. Hopefully it sees a good amount of use in the future.


Registration table early in the morning between 10K and 5K.


Gatorade for after the run–hydration is sooo important!


Is she cute, or what?  This gal awarded participant ribbons to everyone who ran at the point of the finish line. The blue ribbons had white baby socks hot glued to the ends, with a medallion that read: Pound The Ground for First Look Ultrasounds.  Such a cute idea.


There were lots of folks milling around between the race events.  In the background of this picture you can see the library and maybe a lil smoke coming off the BBQ pit.  Everyone seems to enjoy the chicken as a quick pick-me-up lunch after the race.

What do you do for exercise these days?  Are you passionate about it, or just lukewarm?