Complex B

Note: This picture is only representative of the vitamin I am taking, and is not in fact that vitamin.

Note: This picture is only representative of the vitamin I am taking, and is not in fact that vitamin.

When my last bottle of B12 ran out, I replaced it with Complex B, but I’m not sure I’m liking the change. I feel like I’m getting the same protection/help from this vitamin combo that I got from the B12 alone, but I’m not sure if my body is processing it correctly.  It seems to me like a lot of it is just flushing through me.  I guess that is a problem with any vitamin.  You only retain a portion of it in your body. That’s why I don’t do many vitamins. I think they are a waste of time.  But I seem to have better control of my moods and attitudes with the B 12 and since I know my body can’t produce what I need in most instances, I am taking a supplement to help me out.

I also take Vitamin D and prescription drugs to address various medical conditions.

I came late to the party, as far a good nutrition and eating right is concerned, so I have a lot of history to try to erase and it may take me a while to work my way though it and get things in balance, medically and physically speaking.

I quit taking my calcium supplements because they were wreaking havoc with my digestion.  Anyone else have that problem?

Speaking of digestion…

I am back to eating baked oatmeal every morning.  I love bagels and I was eating bagel for breakfast, with a hard-boiled egg, but the scale was not moving and my digestion also was not moving, so a change needed to be made. I like my bagels better, but I like oatmeal too, and when it is baked with nuts and berries inside, yeah, I like it even better.  Berries are so good for me, and I put an array of them in to the oatmeal.  I’d like to add currents, but can’t find any that are fresh.  I wonder, can you buy canned currents, and where do you get them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the store.

When I eat baked oatmeal in the morning with milk on it, its such a comforting feeling.  My tummy gets all warm and rosy, and I feel like the oatmeal start to my day helps me stay less hungry, longer.  I’m not eating as many eggs per week now, and finally the number on the scale is creeping down.

Speaking of the scales…

I’ve been doing something else to get it moving.  I’ve been fasting at lunch.  I’m trying to get to the place where I can eat just two meals a day, on two days of each week.  Tuesday went well as far as solid foods was concerned, but I had a flavored coffee about 4:00pm.  Today, today was a little rougher. I made it to 2pm without eating, then gave in as I felt the low blood sugar symptoms kicking in.

Note worthy, is the fact that I did not eat the baked oatmeal for breakfast today, deciding instead to have a pumpernickel bagel that I was supposed to eat yesterday. I’ve decided to follow Lori’s example over at Finding Radiance, and plan on having a bagel once a week.  This business of the oatmeal is worth remembering, because the day I did have the oatmeal and milk for breakfast, I didn’t feel like I had any symptoms of low blood sugar.  I caught it quickly enough today, and ate the oatmeal I had brought with me, just in case, but I do not want to have any nasty surprises at work, so will watch it in the future and act quickly to avoid any problems.

Speaking of problems…

I work for a bunch of geniuses, providing all kinds of support and encouragement for them while they build cutting edge equipment for sale in a global market.  Doing this job makes me feel useful in life.  As part of that job, I help customers from all over the world find accommodations in our area for over nights when they are meeting with the geniuses.  A couple of times we have had problems with one of the hotels in town.  Once they wouldn’t give the corporate rate to a customer because she wasn’t an employee of the company I work for.  Why hotel staff would think we need discounted rates for our employees at local hotels is beyond me. We live here.  We don’t need a room for the night.  We have dog houses out back for when our mates are angry. Sheesh.

Today, the problem was that Mr. X didn’t tell the hotel he was a customer of ours before he checked out this morning.  Then, when I called to ask them to adjust his billing, they told me that because we don’t bring them more business our corporate rate has terms applied that allows for only (2) rooms per day for our customers.  This party included (3) people.


And to make matters more complicated, that restriction would always be in place during their busy season.  When is your busy season, asks I?  From now until 2016, says the manager.  Wow, then when is your un-busy season, hotel lady?  I wanted to ask that, but didn’t, because I work for a bunch of geniuses and I don’t want people thinking they depend on a saucy-mouthed dunce to help them out.

Really, though, why even offer a corporate rate to a company if the business they bring to you isn’t enough to warrant it?  The really crazy thing about all this is that when they were going to offer the discounted rate to our employees, they wanted us to issue a letter on company letterhead, stating that said person actually was our employee.

Again, our employees don’t need discounted hotel rates.

I have no idea who is coming up with the series of hoops we are being asked to jump through, but I can guess who won’t be appearing on our list of recommended hotels in the future.

Do you have problems you speak of with anyone in particular?  What do you deal with that gets your goat, makes your skin crawl, or in other ways drives you to the food?

Some days it’s not what I’m eating that is the problem, but what’s eating me.  Today, whats eating me is a mish mash of craziness I am being forced to navigate with only half a sense of why the hurdles have been put up in the first place.  Ugh.  I’m not overeating over it, though.  Praise God–change is possible!


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  1. I’ve heard many times that vitamins, especially water soluble ones, are just flushed through the body. I can’t disagree strongly enough with this statement! Those vitamins go through many cells in our body and affect many processes before they are excreted. I take vitamin C
    every day, that way it’s always in there 🙂

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