Stepping away from the ledge

000the edge

Have you every felt like this?

Like you were on the edge of some ledge and about to slide off?

I’ve felt that way before.

Sometimes with life in general.

Sometimes with specific and difficult components of life.

Thankfully, I don’t feel that way any more, because now I have a plan.

I have a program.

I have a strategy.

I have a way of developing my life through all its phases and stages now, especially through all the phases and stages of recovery from food addiction.

If you feel yourself moving closer to destruction with food, step away from the ledge and try some of the things I do.  Maybe you could…

1.  Begin a Food Diary or Food Reporting.  I know it sounds weird to report what you eat to another person or fellow sufferer, but it really helps me stay accountable and avoid those temptations I might otherwise indulge in–cuz ya know I’m gonna have to report that if I eat it.

2.  Join a Support Group.  I belong to a support group for people with eating problems that meets every Monday night. Unless it’s a snow day, a holiday, or I have out-of-town guests, I am at that meeting, sharing my successes with food addiction recovery and hearing how others are handling it. It helps to know I’m not alone.

3.  Do something different.  Over the last two years I have challenged myself to not only think outside the box, but act outside it too. That means I learned how to kayak, I went back to the shoe store 4 times to get a proper fitting walking shoe, and I called my podiatrist to make an appointment to have my orthotics resized and adjusted.  These are all things I would not have done without challenging myself to be brave and take care of me.  Try something different–it just might work for you.

4.  Pray.  Some people would probably say that I should have listed prayer first, because out of all the things I do to keep myself sane, prayer is probably the most important.  It’s true, it is, but I prayed about being morbidly obese for years, and nothing happened. It wasn’t until I pulled up my lil girl pants and did something about my addiction that things started to change for me.  I guess this point should be listed as praying, believe and DOING.  It’s the doing that get’s ‘er done!

5.  See a professional.  If you feel like you’ve come to the end of your rope, personally, relationally, or with your physical state of being, see someone about it.  You may need to have some blood work done, or you might need some meds.  Maybe you need an action plan, and some professional somewhere can help you with that.  Here’s the thing:  your best thinking and circumstances got you to the edge of that ledge, but you don’t have to stay there.  Break out. Back up.  Ask for help.  If you connected with someone who didn’t understand what you were going through the first time you sought help, try again.  Seek guidance and be thankful when it comes. There are some incredibly talented professionals out there, some of them with the same problems as you–some of them with the same loves.  Look for them. Find them. Utilize them. Join them in making YOU better.

We don’t have to live on the edge of a ledge, gritting our teeth and white-knuckling it through life every day.  Never again, I say!  There’s too much help out there to lose hope.  Change is possible–I believe!

When have you felt like you were stepping out onto a ledge?  What did you do to change things up and turn your life around?