I’m No Runner, but…

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I am actually contemplating organizing a 5K fun run this fall.

000color run

Maybe it will be a color run, they are really popular now.

I know of a worthy cause, and I’m beginning to get very interested in seeing this project go forward. I have been assured by a handful of people that it is “doable”. I’m already organizing the event in my head. I have another hand full of people who have said they will assist me. I just need to gain a little more courage before deciding for sure if this is something I want to do or not.

I’m no runner.

In fact, I have never been a runner.

I have always been a chubby girl.  A girl who loved baking and writing, and star-gazing.  I do remember one time when I ran as a teen.  It wasn’t in any event.  We lived in the country and I mean in the boonies, so other than going to school every day, our 24 hours allotted to us consisted of cleaning, helping out on the farm, and bringing the cows to the barn.  As a teenager I also spent a lot of time thinking about boys, wishing I was thin, and visiting the neighbors–they were wayyyy more liberal than my mom, so that’s where I got into all my teenage trouble.

Anyway, back to that one time when I ran.  A boy was chasing me, and not for a good reason. If he caught me, he was going to pound on me. I deserved it. You know how teenage girls can be. Pesky.  Persistent. Pains in the back side.  That was me, in all my chubby, curious glory.  I annoyed him, this I knew, but I kept doing it. Finally, he moved to smack me and I took off. I remember thinking that running as fast as I was–he was strong, you would have run too–felt awesome.  I felt like I was flying. I felt like my feet weren’t touching the ground. I felt like I could go on running forever.  He stopped chasing me after a few hundred feet.  He had other fish to fry, like a steady girlfriend who wasn’t interested in joining us in these silly games.  I don’t remember him coming around much after that, but I do remember the day and that run.

You  might ask, if it felt so good, why did you stop?

Who knows!

I did a lot of stupid stuff as a kid.

Can you say Drive In?  Nuff said.

The point is that now, so many years after when it would have been most beneficial for me to run, I want to run. I’m not sure I ever could. I’m still a bit chubby, which would certainly slow me down.  I’m also a lot older.  My feet, legs, hips and back complain on days when I only walk, and walk slowly at that, but hey, a girl can dream.  In my dreams I overcome all these disabilities to running and I take off.

0000woman running

Could I do that in real life?  I dunno.  I’d like to try, but first I have to find that website that provides the guidelines for going from the couch to a 5K in X amount of weeks.  Then I need to lengthen that time by ten. Maybe, maybe, MAYBE then I could run a 5K.  It’s only, what, a little over 3 miles?  Sure, I could do that.  XXX amount of weeks after I begin the program.

But seriously, I am seriously considering working with some other folks who have a wee bit of interest and experience in running to organize a 5K fun run. How hard could it be, right?  I’m ubber organized. I know how to meet a deadline head on.  I have friends and associates who will help me. I serve a God of unlimited possibilities, and don’t forget, I espouse the belief that change is possible, no matter how old or worn out I might be.

I may not be able to run a marathon, but I think I have the skills in place to organize a small race.  So, any of you wanna take trip to NEPA in the fall, for a run?  Autumn in NEPA is unspeakably beautiful, and we are only 3 hrs away from NYC–that’s right, the Big Apple is in my back yard.  Think about it, then check back with me from time to time.  I really think I might just do this thing.  What could happen, right?  😉

Have you ever tried something that had previously seemed out of reach for you?  What happened?  What scares you?  How can I tackle my fears in order to win the victory?



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  1. I think organizing a run would be great! Please read about the issues with the dyes however before you make a decision about using that.

    As for running. No law that says you can’t walk the 5k. Also, consider taking your biking outside on a nice beach cruiser bike. Maybe a 5K bike ride for charity would work?

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