Tax Day, Two Carrots, and Catching Hubby’s Eye

Tomorrow is Tax Day!

Yikes, and here I sit with forms needing to be filled out. I do this every year…say I’m going to file early, but don’t. Its one area of my life where I regularly procrastinate, although I wish I didn’t.  Found it hard to find forms on-line today.  I like to do my calculations by hand, then enter whatever is needed on to the site provided.

I know, I know, crazy, right?

The weekend was a nice one. Yesterday in NEPA was beautiful!!!!!

I ate out for two meals this weekend, but avoided the bread they serve at the table, and didn’t eat chips with the wrap I had yesterday.  Water to drink, so it all went well.

I tried a new banana bread recipe that I tweaked to  make more healthy. It was a HUGE hit with the guys, who made quick work of the muffins the batter produced.  I will definitely make these again, but next time I will add some wheat germ and maybe some unsweetened coconut to the mix.

Groceries on Saturday were outrageously expensive, but that’s what I get for waiting so long to shop.  I hadn’t any fresh produce in the house, except two carrots in the produce bin.  Nothing in the freezer, save some half-empty berry bags.  I needed absolutely everything, so the price tag for all of that was rather high.  Plus, I picked up a few things for Easter baskets, for those lil guys who will be visiting on the weekend if all goes well.

000dancing carrots

I’m not entirely sure why the picture of dancing carrots, but I thought it was whimsical and therefore appropriate for a Monday.  🙂

I spent some time with a nephews over the weekend, too.  Lil guys–they are so much fun.  One is 2 years old and the other 4 months.  The tiny tot has a milk allergy, so he is consuming this really expensive formula made of soy or something.  His formula for the week costs almost half what my groceries came to, but he is doing much better now that they have found the problem and are able to provide him with something that rests easy on his tummy.

I also spent part of my day yesterday with a gal who is stepping down from antidepressants.  I think it’s probably a bad move on her part, but she feels she suffers from seasonal affective disease and every spring she gets the hankering to be off her meds. She was really negative almost the entire time we were together and very distracted.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on with her until I thought about what she’d said about quitting the meds, then it all made sense.  I hope she is being careful and being monitored by her doctor as she steps down. Those things can be dangerous, when you quit them cold turkey.

After church yesterday a cool thing happened.  A friend walked up to me and said, “During service today I looked where you normally sit and thought, where is Lori?”  She went on to say that she saw my husband and other family members, but not me. She looked once, twice, and then again.  Checking that third time, she realized that the woman standing next to me hubs was me.  She said she seriously couldn’t tell that it was me, and asked me how much weight I had lost in total.  I shared that I’ve lost over 100 lbs since I began this adventure.  I told her I have between 50 and 60 lbs to go and she couldn’t believe I needed to lose that much.  When you’re tall, the eye does funny things, but believe me, I do need to lose that much.

My hubs has been making comments recently, too.  He keeps saying, “Man, if you get any skinnier, I won’t know you.” And, “Wow, you are getting thin!”

I’m not getting thin, but I am looking pretty good.  🙂

I’m not losing weight right now, but I have been working out on the bike.  I must be toning while my body is making adjustments prior to a move off this plateau.  I hope it happens soon.  I’m ready to see the scale drop a little further.

I talked to a co-worker today who is trying to lose.  She’s stymied, and I admitted to her that I am too. Maybe we can help each other.

Well, that’s about it for this Monday post.  Hope you all are enjoying this break in the weather. I hear we are supposed to drop down and have snow flurries again tomorrow.  Ah, Spring, you’re such a tempter!

How do you feel when others notice your hard work with weight loss?  What is your favorite compliment of all time?


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  1. Glad you’re blogging, Lori!

    Stay the course 🙂

    Favorite compliment?? I’m just glad I have a few to choose from. lol!

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