So glad I’m using that bike!


It’s 4:00am on April 8, 2014. My door bell is ringing. A moment ago I was sleeping like a baby, but no more.

I quickly jumped out of bed and into the living room in order to prevent my hubby from opening the door to some stranger or family member with terrible news.  This evasive action might sound bizarre until you hear what I’m about to share.

About two years ago was the last time my doorbell rang in the middle of the night.  When it did, it was because a neighbor’s son, high on meth and bath salts, came to our door half-naked and sweating.  I mean wringing sweat!  In February. He thought someone was chasing him down to kill him.

Bath Salts are a plague on society. 

Anyway, you can imagine why I ran from my bed to see what was the matter this morning.  Soon, my hubs met me on his way to the bathroom.  I gingerly whispered, “Did you hear the doorbell go off?”

His reply:  “Yeah, it did that this afternoon, and I thought, ‘Hmmm, I bet the battery is going dead on that thing again.'”


Why would he not replace the battery, or disconnect the door bell?

Go figure.

All this to say that I am soooo glad I have been exercising on the bike the last two months.  I roused myself from a sound sleep at 4:00am today and very quickly noticed my heart was pounding.

Honestly, wouldn’t you have reacted the same way?

Good thing I’ve been as mobile as possible this winter. The activity has no doubt saved me from a heart attack, or worse.  The bike is helping.

Woohoo, I’m still here. 😉