Firming up the Jiggles, and Giggling

Just popping in quickly this afternoon to report the progress I am making with the bike and some weight training I am doing.


As you know, some time ago I bought a recumbent bike.  Since that time I have been using this baby to vamp up my exercise program.  Some days I do thirty minutes on the beast; some day I do more. I feel especially accomplished when I am able to do an hour on the bike, but most days it is thirty minutes for me and I’m done.

I am amazed at how quickly I have felt the rewards of my consistent workouts on the bike.  My pants are looser (I can most feel the difference in my pant legs).

What a shame.  I “might” have to buy more new clothes.  😉

Honestly, though, the bike is not enough to make my weight fluctuate much, so I have been thinking about what more I could do until the cold, harsh winds subside.

Enter:  The Female Body Breakthrough.

I had heard about this book from Lori at Finding Radiance. I was inspired by posts that show what she is doing each week.  I know that with my lower back problems I could stand to strengthen my core, and with my desire to do more kayaking this summer, I need to buff up my upper body strength. This program seemed like a naturally good place to start.

I bought the Female Body Breakthrough book on and it came in the  mail a week ago. I would have begun the program then, but I always have to have time to absorb things before jumping into the deep end of the pool, so to speak.  I read a little and planned a little, and dreamed a little, and was almost ready to begin when I fell on Sunday. Ugh!  That set my start time back a little, but last night I did my first exercises from the book.  I was amazed at what I was able to do, and yet humbled by the fact that what I thought was Phase 1 exercises turned out to be the warm-up section of the book.


If I was this winded doing the warm-ups, what would the real exercises do to me?

Today, I have been consciously aware of how different my body feels.  Really different–like everything that jiggles is now a “little” firmer.  The bad side of firming things up is that not all areas firm at the same rate or time.  Right now, I am not happy with these pockets of fat hanging off my upper thighs.  I’m hoping they will shrink soon, but until then I intend to sweat it out a couple of times a week with this set of warm-up exercises, until I can actually move on to Phase 1.

Soon–REALLY SOON, RIGHT?–it will be warm enough to walk outside.  I can’t wait!  Yesterday was the first official day of spring, and I heard birds chirping, so I am hopeful that soon, really soon, right, I can get out there and enjoy a power walkgood, down some country road.

Until then, I will keep doing what I’m doing and keep feeling good about it.

What are you doing in preparation for spring and warm weather?  Do you weight train regularly?  What is your favorite toning exercise?


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