I tried.

I really did.

I worked to keep upright all winter long, but my hopes and dreams of making it through the winter without falling came crashing to the ground this past weekend.

It was the snow, I blame. The snow that lay gently atop the treacherous ice underneath.

It was the snow that tricked me into thinking the danger of falling was past. It was that stupid, fluffy, misleading snow that tripped me up, and when I fell, I took another with me.

There we lay, us two, on the ground, the cold, wet ground. There I lay, for what seemed like a long time after he’s gotten up, brushed himself off, come to his senses. It all happened so fast.

0000girl backThat’s how life goes, isn’t it? Up one minute, and down the next.

This morning, I hurt, but I only have two bruises; both are on the same elbow. Not bad for having fallen on the hard, cold, wet ground and laying there for a bit. I still did 30 minutes on the bike, and I still went out to eat with some friends after church.

I did well at the buffet.

I ate moderately, enjoyed a smidgen of desert, and learned that coy fish actually can  sleep on their sides, looking downright dead, but then get up and play again once you’ve disturbed their watery pond.

Funny story about lunch.

Our friends asked us to join them at the Chinese buffet in town. We went to the place where “we” always go. We waited and waited, until finally Carl came walking toward the entrance. He and his wife had been waiting at the place across town. Whoopsy.

Guess we got our signals crossed. Next time we will know to communicate a bit more information before accepting an invitation to lunch.

How did the food go for you this weekend? Did you have any unexpected slips–with food or otherwise?

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