A Good Food Weekend

000Les Miserables

Over the weekend hubs and I went to see Les Miserables at the Mansfield University Theatre Center. I have a friend, a young lady, who was a part of the cast and crew, so naturally I had to see the show. Caytlyn performed her first formal solo on stage during the musical and I was excited to see it. She did a great job, as did all the cast, but the stand out for me was the young man who played Javert. I don’t know if that means I was impressed by Mr. Lucas Lourenco, or Mr. Matthew Levine, for depending on the performance one saw, either one of the other of them sang the role of Javert and I am not sure which it was during Sunday’s performance. This is not of great import to me, since I went to see Caytlyn perform, and enjoyed seeing her most of all.

Sadly, all photography was barred during the performance, so I don’t have a picture of them on stage to share.

I was impressed this time around with how much of the musical involves prayer and supplications to God. In difficult times, it seems we are more, not less, apt to reach out to a power greater than ourselves for the help we need. It was a good reminder that I don’t have to get healthy on my own. Even without the mentors I have found blogging in cyberspace, I have a God of my understanding I can go to for support and encouragement, along with direction and insight about what I ought to do next.  That’s a huge relief to me, since my best thinking got me to a place where I was 165 lbs overweight.  I need all the help I can get to arrive at goal weight. I still have about 50 lbs to go.

Prior to the musical, we joined my niece and nephew for the dedication of their second son at their church, then ate lunch with them and friends and family following the service.

this is Enoch, the reason for the celebration

this is Enoch, the reason for the celebration

When it was time to eat, lasagna was served with all the fixing: a cheese dip appetizer with chips, a hearty salad (my contribution), garlic bread, and fruit salad. Although I don’t usually eat pasta, I did have a small serving of the lasagna with lots of salad and a tiny bit of cheese dip (buffalo chicken with hot wing sauce). It was really too spicy for me, so I just had a taste.

DSC_1051I passed on the bread and other stuff that was there, additional desserts mostly, because they just weren’t worth the calorie load to me. Especially in light of the fact that the nutrition load was so very low.  The meal included cake and ice cream and again, I had just a taste. I felt like I handled this food occasion very well, and I enjoyed the company I was with both before and after the meal was served.

For the past two weeks I have been suffering with a lot of lower back pain. It makes me think if I should try reducing the amount of wheat I eat again.  I hate not sleeping at night because of the pain, and I have some instance of tingling down my left leg and into my foot. Maybe time to get that MRI after all.  It makes it hard to ride the bike, but I am determined to do at least 15 minutes, even on the bad days.  Then I lift weights to make up for the other 15 minutes that I don’t get on the bike. I use a pillow on the bike seat on those bad days. It helps, but it knocks off my balance a little and tends to bother my knee more.  I noticed though that yesterday, even with all the extra activity that day entailed (have you seen the campus at Mansfield University–they ought to call is Goat Climber U), my leg wasn’t feeling numb or painful.  In fact, both  my mom and I were able to stand for about an hour with no pain and no fatigue.

This picture doesn't show much of the campus, but you can get a feel for the slope of them there hills

This picture doesn’t show much of the campus, but you can get a feel for the slope of them there hills

And here, you can get a feel for that same steep slope

And here, you can get a feel for that same steep slope

Enoch’s dedication did not take place at the university, so don’t let me confuse you on that point.  During the service at a local church though, at one point I leaned over to  mom and said, “Can you imagine yourself doing this two years ago-standing this long?” [we stood for an hour before the dedication began] To which she replied, “No, I can’t.  In fact, I probably would not have stood at all.”

Bamm!  That’s what comes of eating right and losing weight, and it feels GREAT!

How was your weekend?  Did it include special people?  What have you noticed is easier to do, now that you’re eating right?