What are you having for lunch?

000bald eagle

As I was heading out for lunch yesterday, I spied a bald eagle on the river, circling, circling, circling a group of geese who had stopped by in PA to refresh themselves on their journey north.

First impression upon seeing the birds: Spring is here, yay!

Second impression: That Eagle is HUGE!

Third impression: Those geese look tiny in comparison.

Fourth impression: I wonder what Baldy is hoping to catch for lunch?

I will tell you, I was scared for those seemingly little geese. Have you ever seen the wingspan of a male Bald Eagle. They are seriously big birds, and their beak and talons are formidable.  I would not have wanted to be those geese swimming in the cold river yesterday.  The mere shadow of Baldy’s wingspan on the surface of the icy waters was enough to put fear in my heart.  Not for me, mind you, but for them.

000bald eagle 2

Watching nature in motion yesterday made me think about my own eating habits.

Am I attacking my food like I might never eat again?

Am I targeting food that is good for me and will give me the strength I need to fly high?

Am I being picky about which food items I toy with and then eat?

How hard is it for me to get the grub I want today, and once it’s gotten, will it make me strong or sick?

I’m thankful I don’t have to live in the wild and hunt on the river for my food.  I’m grateful for easy access to what I need. But I also appreciate what Baldy has to do each day to get what he needs, and how that affects everyone around him.  I may not have a beak and talons like him–powerful, masterful, and dripping with blood–but I have my own way of finding the food I need to survive.  I just hope I’m eating as well as he is (and that the geese are not his dinner).

What are you eating today?  What’s eating you?


4 thoughts on “What are you having for lunch?

  1. Actually I worry more about them taking the windshield out! They fly better than me, so I just keep straight, and hope they will do the avoidance. What I see is they pull their wings to their sides and just drop straight down fast!

    • Yikes. I would love to see one do a nose dive on the river. How cool! They are majestic from my perspective, but I guess perilous when you’re a duck, rabbit, field mouse, or a pilot. 😉

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