My Empty Sugar Bowl


My sugar bowl is empty.  I’ve quit filling it. That’s right, I have voluntarily quit filling the sugar bowl at my house. Over the years, I can’t imagine how many bags of white sugar have been poured into this bowl and then scooped out by my family, one tablespoon at a time (when we weren’t just dumping the contents into our already sugared cereal bowls).  No more!  These days while I may use white sugar for some things, and yes, I do still have it in the house, I don’t use it for sprinkling on top of foods, or adding to my coffee, or tea, or hot cocoa.

Quitting white sugar that once poured forth freely from my sugar bowl is just one of the changes I have made in order to regain my health and lose unwanted pounds.

Other changes include:

Weighing myself daily.

Buying a new exercise bike.

Putting in 30 minutes of more on the bike five times a week.

Reporting my food to my food sponsor.

Starting this blog.

What are you doing to enhance your weight loss efforts?  What has been your best strategy for losing weight and keeping it off? 


3 thoughts on “My Empty Sugar Bowl

  1. I do not have sugar in the house, nor would I ever add it to anything, anywhere. The only time I do is during the holidays when I have guests that want to make traditional family recipes.

    PS I can’t link CalorieLab to my comments due to WordPress 😦

    • I’m sorry that WordPress won’t allow you to link CalorieLab to your comments, Dr. J.
      Please feel free to include the link in the body of your comments in the future, while I try to figure that one out. If there is a fix, I will find it. If not, my apologies.

      Do you not use sugar in baking, or don’t you bake?

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