How its going

Earlier, I posted some goals for this week:

1. I will eat 1700 calories per day, or less.

2. I will report my food.

3. I will eat a Meat-less Monday,  so that I am able to exercise my ability to make conscious food choices, regardless of what my appetite wants to do.  (half way through this goal as of my posting).

4. I will eat a No Wheat Wednesday, to cut down on that number of carbs I consume this week.

5. I will attend one support meeting this week, where I will be encouraged and encourage others.

That last intention is going to be easy for me to do, so I will add another.

6. I will be supportive and encouraging to someone who has chosen a different path from me in order to lose weight, and regain health and vitality in life, understanding that I do not always fully understand the struggles others face, but do know that no matter what struggles I face, they are made easier by the offer of a supportive voice and the desire to help.


Today, I wanted to update the blog concerning these intentional goals of mine and how they are progressing.

Last night, I actively pursued goal number 6.  I spent some time with someone who has chosen another path to permanent weight loss that is different from mine, and I employed my active listening skills to provide support and comfort.  My friend is anxious and unsure of the path that lies before him, but I know with faith in God and a desire to change everything will be okay.  When I am tempted to get anxious about some of the things others do to lose weight, I pray for wisdom to understand what I do and do not have power over, and for a loving heart that is patient and supportive as others make their way in this life. That is what I would want on the receiving end of things, so I try to give it to others.

Do, as you would have done to you, right?

I have been reporting my food all week, so number 2 is going well, and I did get through a meat-less Monday, so number 3 is done.

Today is my no-wheat Wednesday challenge and I am half way through that, so it’s looking good for number 3.

I am struggling with no. 1, counting calories, as I knew I would. I HATE counting calories, which is why I made that intention number 1 on my list. I know I need to spend more time actively working on my willingness to count calories and count them with integrity.  It’s a piece of the overall plan to health and fitness I have not yet been able to place correctly.

No 5 is done, and as I said, that one was easy!  I have a support group I attend every Monday night, and they are the best bunch of people in the world, so no sweat there. I put that intention on my list purely because I think support when life gets tough is part of God’s plan for us all.  We were never meant to live this life alone.

I’m so glad I don’t have to live this life alone!

I’m also glad for goals and lists and intentional living and planning.  Where there is no vision, the people perish.  (Proverbs 29:18)

What about you, are you living an intentional life right now?  If so, I’d love to hear about it. If not, why not?