Lovin’ the Loose Pants

This morning the scale was nice to me. DOWN 3.0 LBS, it said.  Woohoo!

…and there was much rejoicing!

All day long, whenever I have taken a walk away from my desk, I have had this sensation that my pants are loose.

All day!

Best day of 2014!

I have been using my new recumbent bike every night since it arrived. Last night I thought I might take a break and do some weight lifting instead, but I just couldn’t. I wanted on that bike, and I got on that bike. I only did half as many miles as I usually do–5 miles–but I could not not do it. Ya know what I mean?

Maybe a habit is starting to take hold. One can only hope. 🙂

Anyway, I did half the miles I have been doing because yesterday my left knee hurt. My solution was to cut back. Now, today, my heels hurt, on both feet. I think that came of trying to pedal quicker, more frantically, in order to do more miles in less time on the bike.

There is definitely a learning curve to this.

000learning curve

My learning curve looks something like that, I’m afraid.

The good news for today:  I was able to burn a little over 200 calories on the bike last night even though I cut back, and I’m feeling good about that.  I think my heels are hurting because I burned most of those frantic calories by placing the balls of my feet on the pedals and letting my heels hang off the ends. I was sock-footed at the time. Next time I will wear shoes.  I have problems with PF, so I need to watch my positioning, I guess.

I photographed my food last night and this morning, and was determined that I was going to post those photos to the blog today, but as luck would have it the camera will not sync with the computer today. Sooo, no pics for you!  I’m a tad bit shy about sharing them anyway, but I think I need to, at least for a little while.  Maybe it will only be once or twice. I haven’t decided yet.  We’ll see.  My puter says the synchronization problem is probably due to the fact that my camera has a low battery.  I will charge it and see if the sync will work tomorrow or Friday.  Right now, I’m basking in the feel of loose slacks and a 3 lb loss.

Yeah, the plan works if you work it!

How do loose pants or a loose shirt make you feel?  What happened on your “best day of 2014?” 


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