Portion Control


Do you struggle with portion control?

I ask, because I struggle with portion control, but today I had the coolest realization.

Portion control gets a whole lot easier when you eat a diet of fresh fruits and veggies, because those kinds of foods don’t come in multiple serving containers.

You’re never going to get a meal for ten out of one bell pepper.  Neither will you be able to feed five toddlers with one banana.  I guess you could overeat on a cucumber, especially some of those seedless ones that are wayyy bigger than is necessary, and grapes or berries, yeah, I could overeat on them. But really, overeating on fresh fruits and veggies is not my problem.

I bet it isn’t yours either.

I get in trouble when I partake of creamy, sugary, salty, fatty, bags, boxes, or batches of processed foods.  That’s why I’m eliminating them from my life, from my cupboards, and from my “good eats” list.

Its only when I fill my belly with Nabisco’s “bell peppers” that this gal gets in trouble, so I’m going green and going natural.

Hmmm, I’m thinking stuffed peppers for supper tonight!

What’s your favorite vegetable?  How do you like it prepared?


One thought on “Portion Control

  1. When I was a kid and my parents brought Chinese food home there was one dish that had meat, green pepper, and tomato. My brother only liked the pepper and I only the tomato so it worked out pretty well for us, lol!

    Now I like almost every vegetable. Maybe onion is my favorite if I have to pick one.

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