Change Rising

Today, I woke up wanting to do something different.


This afternoon, I am working on figuring out what that will be.

I’m optimistic.

Tomorrow, well tomorrow has enough trouble of its own, so I won’t be borrowing any of that today.

Today, I will live in the moment and move as much as I can.

Just for today, I will believe that as I work to change, so will change happen.

I know no one can do this for me.

I believe, change is possible!  I believe.


2 thoughts on “Change Rising

  1. I like your comment on Diane’s site today! About doing versus writing. I was going to say that to you, but refrained. I’ve stopped following bloggers over then years because they wrote great, but never did anything about what they wrote about. I’ve seen people die stuck in the I believe change is possible place.

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