Regrets, I have no time for regrets!

The new year is upon us, and every one is thinking about how they can get those ten or fifteen pounds they gained during the holidays to vacate their slacks (or bra, since we women tend to gain and lose in the chest region first–or at least I do).

Me too!

I didn’t gain fifteen pounds during the Christmas holiday, but I did gain four, then lost three. Still working on that other one. Most of my weight gain was fluid, cuz we ate stuff that was full of salt and not normally on my food plan: ham, cheese dip, home-made cream soups, and I drank tons of coffee with creamer, flavored creamer, in it. I know, I know, not the best choice, but it kept me outta the Christmas cookies, so a good trade off, I guess.

One of my biggest regrets ponderings now that the Christmas holiday concerns the plum pudding a family member made for me this year. Actually, each year we exchange a home-baked goodie as part of our gift giving ritual, me and her. She sends me plum pudding, and I bake her rugelach from scratch, a bite-size cookie made with cream-cheese dough rolled around a filling of nuts, poppy seed paste, chocolate, or jam. Her plum pudding is to die for, and it comes with HM hard sauce.

YUM, yum, yummy, YUM!!!

000plum pudding

Having been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes a couple of years ago, though, I can’t eat that stuff any more. I do have a dab of it, or a very thin slice, but she sends enough for twelve people, so the guys at work reap the benefit of that cake after the holidays, almost every time. I don’t have the heart to tell her that she can quit sending the confection, partly because it is her signature dish and a special thing she does just for me, and partly because I love it soooo so very much! It is a hold out on the hit parade of foods from my past life and something I look forward to during the holidays.

Something else I have been thinking about is the giving of gifts to friends and family members that I don’t really see that much any more. When it is appropriate to move these kinda folks from the gift list to the card list?  Is that ever okay?

I have also been thinking about exercise again.  I recently found out that my insurance provider offers reduced rates (significantly reduced), for gym memberships in my area.  I’m disappointed that the gyms that are on their list don’t have access to a pool. I really wanted to try aqua aerobics this year, although I’m not sure why because I hate water.  Well, not water, but being in water with clothes on.  Weird, right!  My foot is getting better every day and the rest of my body is screaming for some physical exertion.  I think I’m ready to take the plunge and get something started.  I want to begin 2014 sweating!

Do you give or get food gifts during the holidays?  How much or little of them do you eat?  What will you be doing this year to reduce your waist line?