The Christmas Office Party

It’s Christmas office party time in PA, and the spread laid out at my office today went from one end of the break room to the other. It was hard to resist all the goodies, and in truth, I didn’t resist them all. So what did I eat?

Here’s a run down of what I ate, and how I mitigated some of the problems these types of foods have caused me in the past.

What I ate: a sandwich.
But…instead of fatty beef, I chose lean turkey. Instead of mayo, I had hummus as a spread. Instead of eating all the bread, I ate half of the bun and left the other half torn up in pieces on my plate.

What I ate: rigatoni
But…I took only a tablespoon on my plate, and I ate only about half of that all told.

What I ate: chips
But…I ate only found small chips and left the remainder on my plate. I skipped the fatty and salty dip all together.

What I ate: fresh fruit
But…I ate in moderation and was careful about portion size, taking 1 or 2 pieces of each kind of fruit: melons, grapes, pineapple.

What I ate: Artichoke dip on tortilla chips
But…I limited the number of chips I took (dippers, so bowl shaped), to 4-5, and only took about a tablespoon of the dips. I did lick off the serving spoon later, though. I love that stuff!

What I ate: cherry cheese cake/pie
But…I took a very thin wedge, and concentrated on the filling, scraping off the cherry topping, and leaving the graham cracker crust.

All in all, I think I did pretty well. We had tons of food which I didn’t touch, a tray full of cookies with frosting, which I love but didn’t eat, multiple dishes of cheese dips and hummus spreads and crackers galore, in addition to a cranberry orange pecan cheese log–I did nibble that a bit, but probably had less than a tablespoon. Far less, I would say. I also drank half a can of diet Pepsi, something I rarely touch.

Today I read an article on Web MD that gave 10 tips for maintaining one’s diet through the holidays. I shared with a few friends that my favorite tip was to be “a food snob”. I’m practicing this principle more and more these days. I can tell most times, just from looking at an item, if the flavor will be worth the calorie load for me. If it’s not, I don’t indulge. That leaves room for those treats that I will occasionally think are worth the calories. Those I eat. It works for me.

What tips do you use to make your holiday eating healthier, or less frantic? How are you feeling about your food program at this time?