Changing the Number on the Scales

NUMBERS.  Today, I’m thinking about numbers, and all the things I could do to change the number on my bathroom scale.

I could put duct tape over the digital readout and use a Sharpie marker to write in my own numbers.  Duct tape is good for everything, isn’t it?

I could hit the thing with a hammer and break it at the number of my choice.

I could put away my digital scales and make a mock-up of a digital scale out of cardboard, and glue on digits I get at the hardware store to it to fill in the number I want to see when I look to that spot on the floor where my real scale now sits.

I could just quit using the scale, and replace it with a crystal ball, or tarot cards, or an other method for determining my weight, other than trusting this piece of machinery.  Probably not gonna do that one, or even think about it any more.

I COULD also…

…eat right, exercise, pay attention to how much fat and carbs I’m putting in my mouth, calculate how tight my pants feel today, and GET ON THAT SCALE to prove to myself that I am doing everything I can do to deal with my piece of America’s obesity problem.

Hmmmm, I think I’ll pick that last option.

Why?  Because it works!

Here’s the thing: for me, it’s about the scale, but not all about the number on the scale, or even moving that number down quickly. It is about eating right, healing my body through food, reducing the amount of fat I’m storing and carrying around every day, and seeing my blood sugar levels diminish and my diabetes go away.

For some people, looking at that number on the scale every day becomes a trigger for bad behavior. If the number goes down, they celebrate with food. Conversely, if the number goes up, they feel defeated and abandon their food plan and all exercise, before caving to the urge to coast through life, fat be damned.

I know. I was that girl.

That kinda plan might work if you don’t have a life-threatening disease, but when you do, its time to be real.

Scale or no scale, number or no number, my body knows when I eat right and when I eat wrong, or eat everything in sight, most of all sugar. It knows. I can’t fool my body. Nor can I fool my blood stream. If I put sugar in my mouth, sugar seeps into my blood, and my blood sugar levels rise.


No question about it.

Scale totally unrelated. It is what it is.

That’s why I’m spending so much time these days following truth and being honest with myself about what I’m eating.

It’s hard.

I have my days…

…days when I’d like to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, in as large a quantity as I want.


But what I want and what is good for me are two different things. Besides, life is not all about food, and health is not all about a number.

We are all different. We all have different needs. We all deal with different challenges. Some of us are triggered in our eating behaviors by the number that shows up on a cold, dead piece of steel that rests on the bathroom floor. Is that crazy? Maybe it is, but it is reality for many of us who have fallen into compulsive overeating patterns.

What can we do about it?

As you can see, there are options.

The better question, I think, is how can we care less about a number, and more about getting healthy and reducing the amount of fat we carry around and the medications we are forced to put into our body to help regulate things like blood sugar levels. I don’t want to dose myself everyday, so I’ve chosen to do battle with the crazy scales instead.

How do I do that?

I weigh myself every day, and when I’m done doing that I accept the number I’ve seen and I recommit myself to eating whole foods and less processed meals throughout that day. One day at a time.  This has brought me measurable success, for which I am most grateful!

Today, face those scales, but don’t be defeated by them.  Take yourself to task and make YOURSELF master of your health. It’s not that farfetched to think you can beat those scales. I believe it can happen for you…for me…as we concentrate on getting better, one day at a time!



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