Hammondsport, NY–one more pitch for the Coolest Small Town in America, circa 2012

Keuka Lake at Hammondsport, NY is beautiful this time of year. In a few weeks, it will be even more spectacular looking.  Fall is about to burst out in the NYS region, and when it does, watch out.  The hills will be blazing with autumn colors: red, yellow, orange, brown and a bit of green splashed here and there.  The Hammondsport area puts on quite a show in the fall, so if you can get there, get there over the next few weeks.

This morning I wanted to share a few pics of the town of Hammondsport that I took while I was there last Saturday.  I think you will agree, these pictures are a tease for your travel plans.  Add to the fact that the Hammondsport area has some excellent wineries and lots of water sports activities, and you can understand why this town was named “Coolest Small Town in America” in 2012.  The lake area is only enhanced by the fact that the town itself is nestled down in a valley surrounded by rolling hills.  What a recipe for serenity!

Near the lake you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.  Small business is alive and thriving in this community, so there are loads of opportunities to walk, bike ride, water ski, sail, or kayak.  There are also tons of small diners and antique shops lining the streets and surrounding the town square.  And did I mention the wines.  I don’t imbibe, but I know others do and they say the selections offered are tasty, indeed.

Check out the things to do in Hammondsport, here (besides kayaking, which I recommend).

Okay, okay, I’ve sung the praises of Hammondsport long enough for today.  Now, for the pictures…


Because its fall, there were pumpkins and deeply colored flowers everywhere.


This mum was tri-colored and huge.  I’d never seen anything so impressive on the streets of small town USA.


We thought about bike riding, if kayaking wasn’t on the agenda for the day.  I think it would have been fun to give it a try. Maybe next time. I’m just not sure about the hills around town.  Them hills might make for a good work out.  By the way, for those who care, I’m told I burned between 850-1000 calories during my two-hour workout on the lake.  Not bad, for an activity that was thoroughly enjoyable!


I snapped this shot of the church as we were heading up from the lake front.  It sits behind the town square and is perfectly placed to be seen at any angle as you approach the center of town.  I believe faith is a powerful thing, so I naturally wanted to get a picture of her majestic steeple.  And look at that sky–gorgeous!

DSC_0359 This gazebo sits in the center of the town square.  It had some interesting detailing near the rafters, and seemed like the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon concert of the impromptu type.


I should have shot lots more pictures while in Hammondsport, but seriously, there was just too much to do.  Maybe next time I can grab a few more shots to share.  It really is a beautiful place, as you can tell.


More pumpkins and mums.



And of course, a last shot of the lake.  Isn’t that gorgeous.  Photo not mine, but a great picture, nonetheless.

If you have a chance to visit Hammondsport, NY this fall, take it.  You won’t be disappointed.  The area has a lot to offer, and the people were so friendly.

We really enjoyed our time there, and will definitely go again.

3 thoughts on “Hammondsport, NY–one more pitch for the Coolest Small Town in America, circa 2012

  1. You are welcome to believe you burned 850 to 1000 calories kayaking if you want, but if you
    are basing what you eat on that number, prepare to gain weight!

    What I recommend to people for estimating calorie usage is to think about running. Running burns about 100 calories a mile. Do you feel like you ran 10 miles?

    My guess is you burned 400 calories, maybe. I say all this because you claim to want to lose weight. “Numbers” mean nothing. What you see happening to you is all that matters. I believe I addressed this in that column I wrote on losing weight is hard.

    • L says:

      That number seemed high to me, too.

      I didn’t look up the calorie count until after the event…a few days after, although I do confess to hoping I would see a lower number on the scale after I had gone kayaking.

      I think I may have even dreamed about it. 😉

  2. The fastest way to see a lower number is to take a sauna! It won’t be permanent, but it might make you feel good and that’s important also.

    Don’t do it if you have health reasons that make a sauna dangerous.

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