Saturday is the day-We’re Going Kayaking

I’m so excited and nervous about going kayaking on Saturday.

000kayak on lake

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. Thing is, I’m not a water baby. Actually, I don’t like water much at all, and I definitely have no desire to cut across a huge lake on a little piece of plastic or get caught up on something in a swift flowing stream, creek, or river. I will be content to just row along the edge of the lake, thank you very much, and taking the suggestions of others, I’m trying to focus on enjoying the experience instead of turning it into a work out in God’s gym.

We will be kayaking on Keuka Lake, near Hammondsport, NY.  I’m excited about that too. We are going to be visiting with an old friend in Hammondsport while there.  Hammondsport was voted one of the best small towns in America in 2012, by Budget Travel.  You can read all about Hammondsport here, but you really should check it out in person if you can.  Really cool small town and beautiful to see and experience in the fall.

Since I have not done this before, I’m looking for tips and tricks of the trade. Do tell of your experiences, please.

What do you like best about kayaking?

What do you like least?

I hear that I might get wet out there (hee, hee), so what should I wear on the water? I have no fancy kayaking outfits.

I’m planning to have sunscreen and a big hat with me as I go on this excursion. What else do I need?

Do you take food with you when you kayak? How much water should I bring?

Is it cool or uncool to have a towel with you while kayaking?  I would think this lil extra could be wayyy dangerous if you tip over get it tangled around you. Perish the thought–I WILL N.O.T. TIP OVER.

How long a duration should my first kayaking experience be? We have the boats rented for the day, but I’m thinking that may be too much time. Maybe I’m simply thinking too much, period.

I’m trying to relax and enjoy this opportunity, but like I said, I’m excited and nervous about kayaking for the first time. I think I’m more excited than nervous, simply because I have wanted to do this for a while now. I want to quit talking about living my life and start doing more living. I want to get out there and do some of the things I never could do before, because my weight and my health kept me from it.

Have you ever felt that way?

Only two more days before the big 2013 Kayaking Experiment.

I can’t wait!


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